Pokemon Go Comfey: How To Catch It & Is Shiny Comfey Available?

Comfey is stumping Pokemon Go players around the world

Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Generation VII. Interestingly, this Pokemon does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. This Pokemon was introduced in the game alongside other Sun & Moon Alola region Pokemon like Litten and Popplio. Though most of these Pokemon can be found in Raid Battles or the wild, Comfey is more of a challenge for Pokemon Go players to catch. Players wondering how they can find Comfey in Pokemon Go will find the answers here.

How To Catch Comfey In Pokemon Go?



It is understandable why players are not able to find Comfey easily in Pokemon Go. It is currently a regional exclusive Pokemon and is only available in one location in the world. Players residing in Hawaii are the only ones that can catch this Pokemon in the wild for now. Those living outside of Hawaii can only get this Pokemon through trade for now. So, unless you are planning a visit to Hawaii, you might have to wait for Comfey.

However, it is not unusual for Pokemon Go to introduce regional exclusive Pokemon as rewards for limited-time Raid Bosses. It could even be made available through events taking place in the game. For now, though, Hawaii remains the only place to catch a Comfey in Pokemon Go. The Welcome to Alola event has introduced a number of new Alola region Pokemon to the game. While players outside Hawaii can’t catch Comfey, there are still a lot of activities that they can participate in during the Season of Alola. In fact, they also catch other Alola region Pokemon like Pikipek in the meanwhile.


Is Shiny Comfey Available In Pokemon Go?

Shiny Comfey is currently not available in Pokemon Go.  Players will have to wait for the debut of the Shiny version. However, this might not be for a while. Niantic has not given any inclination of introducing the Shiny variant yet.

This is how players can find Comfey in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, check out Oricorio In Pokemon GO – All You Need To Know!