Top 7 Best Pokemon Fan Games To Play In January 2023

Here are top 7 best Pokeon fan games for you!

Pokemon has its fan base all over the world. Almost every Pokemon fan must have completed all official games available on the internet today. If you are also a Pokemon fan and looking for some new Pokemon game to play then you are in right place. There are plenty of Pokemon games made by fans or for fans available to play for free on various platforms.

Check out this list of all the best Pokemon games created by Pokemon fans. Download the below-mentioned games and experience a whole new experience in the Pokemon world.

Top 7 Best Pokemon Fan Games To Play In January 2023

1) Pokemon Uranium

pokemon fan games

Pokemon Uranium stands first on the list when it comes to Pokemon fan-made games. The game was under development for almost 9 years. It has a total of 160+ playable Pokemon characters and plenty of new maps to explore.

 2) Pokemon Reborn

pokemon fan-made games

Pokemon Reborn is created by Amethyst using RPG Maker. It will take you to a Reborn region, a place full of pollution and corruption. Pokemon Reborn has amazing gameplay where payers have to stop the increasing crimes and terrorism in the region thereby taking the help of your Pokemon.

3) Pokemon Phoenix Rising

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Pokemon Phoenix Rising is one of the most popular Pokemon fan-made games created by the Phoenix Rising Team in 2017. It was created with the help of RPG maker XP. If you like story-made games then this can be the best pick for you. This Pokemon fan game has a detailed storyline that is capable of keeping you engaged throughout the game.

4) Pokemon Insurgence

pokemon fan-made games

Pokemon Insurgence is a Pokemon fan game released in 2014. The game will take you to a region called Torren. Torren is a place full of cults and gangs, you have to fight your way here to get a hold of the place. Explore the region while training Pokemon and building your own gang in the Torren.

5) Pokemon Sage

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Pokemon Sage is highly based on a Latin-American culture with all the original locations and Pokemons. Players have to level up in the game to reach the topmost level and become the Pokemon Master in the game.

6) Pokemon Creepy Black

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Pokemon Creepy Black is a game based on Pokemon FireRed. And it is way different than all the other Pokemon fan games. It has a ghost Pokemon in the game that does not let the opponent move in the battle. It has very different yet interesting gameplay made by the Creepypasta.


Pokemon Fan Games

PokeMMO is a free-to-play MMORPG that is based on the third generation of Pokemon. It has several tournaments, battles, and trading involved that keep all the Pokemon fans into the game. Apart from that, it has different regions and 100’s of Pokemon for players to explore and play with.

This is everything you need to know about fan-made Pokemon games. If you like puzzle and exploration games then click here on this link to know the best games like The Witness.