Zootopia Rule 34 – Everything You Need to Know!

Here is everything you need to know about Rule 34 in Zootopia!

Zootopia: Crime Files is a popular hidden object game developed by Hibernum Creations for Disney Interactive based on the Disney movie Zootopia. The game has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store but is available on all the third-party app stores like TapTap for free. Apart from mobile app stores you can also download and play Zootopia: Crime Files for Windows PC online.

Recently, Rule 34 has been one of the most discussed topics among all games after the tweet from the developer’s Fall Guys. So it applies to Zootopia and all the content made on it that comes under Rule 34. In our today’s article, we will explain what is Rule 34 and how is it related to Zootopia: Crime Files. Without any further ado, let us get started with it!

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What Is Zootopia Rule 34?

Zootopia Rule 34

Rule 34 is about adult or 18+ content like memes or fan arts made using a game’s character. It’s an internet rule that simply means, “if something exists in real life, or is made up, there will be a po**ographic depiction of the same”.

Zootopia is an animated comedy movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It has several characters like Judy, Nick, Bonnie. Duke has been used by many people to make adult memes and fan arts.

Developers of Zootopia have recently come across 18+ content on various social media platforms that fall under Rule 34 and are inappropriate. This type of content is not acknowledged by the creators and the accounts of creators can get banned for carrying out such activities.

The Rule has been brought to notice by the developers of Fall Guys when they experienced such illegal or inappropriate memes on their Twitter handle. Not only Fall Guys the same was reported by Fortnite as well and the Developers banned these creators from their accounts and got banned.

So we suggest you do not support these activities and do not share any content that can be a point of debate and can lead you to get your account banned.