How To Take Wickets In Real Cricket 20?

Taking wickets is quite an important element of Real Cricket 20.

Real Cricket 20 is a simulation game where you can solo, multiplayer, or participate in tournaments like World Cup or World Test Championships. It is a popular game for mobile devices with more than 10 million downloads. Taking wickets is quite an important element of Real Cricket 20.

While wickets were easy to cinch in the previous versions of the game, Real Cricket 20 raises the challenge level for players. This guide will give you a few tips and tricks that can help you get wickets easily in the game.

Real Cricket 20: How To Get Wickets?


Real Cricket 20 requires a lot more strategy and planning than its predecessor. It is not as easy to score runs or get wickets in the game. You will need to practice bowling in the game before you start getting the mechanics of it. There are also a few pointers that can help you snatch wickets with more success. Let us take a look at them below.

Use An Attacking Field To Get More Wickets

You can choose to set your fielders in the prime catching positions using the attacking field option. This will increase your likelihood of getting a wicket. This is a good strategy when you want quick wickets but have a few runs to spare. Since most of the fielders will be inside the circle in this formation, the opposing team can get away with boundaries.

Yorkers Will Get You More Wickets

You are much likelier to get more wickets with Yorker-length deliveries. Both in-swinging and out-swinging Yorkers have equal chances of producing a wicket.

Hit The Green Zone When Bowling

This is just a tip for good bowling rather than a specific tip for taking wickets. Ensure that the vertically moving line is in the green zone. This means that the delivery is good which creates problems for the opposing team. Even if you are not able to catch wickets this way, you can still ensure that the other team does not pile up a huge score.

These are all the tips to get wickets in Real Cricket 20. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Get Tickets In Real Cricket 20?