Is Warframe Down: How To Check Warframe Server Status and Fix Server Issues

Many players are facing servers and matchmaking issues in Warframe. Let's see how to check Warframe server status and fix server issues.

Since its release in 2013, Warframe has come a long way. The developers have introduced new characters, storylines, and weapons with every update and built a vast and loyal fanbase over time. While the developers have been successful in amassing a big fanbase, the servers might not seem prepared for that as many Warframe players are getting dropped and facing server and matchmaking issues. Let’s see how to check if Warframe is down and how to fix servers and matchmaking issues.

How To Check Warframe Server Status?

The first thing players should do is check the official Twitter and other social handles of Warframe. In case the servers are down, the social handles of the game would be flooded with posts by the players. Another way is by checking websites like Downdetector, where players can find the exact status of Warfram servers. Downdetector is very accurate, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How To Fix Warframe Server Issues And Matchmaking Issues?

The primary reason for server issues, long queues, and matchmaking issues is the overpopulation of servers. Warframe might be more prevalent in some countries than others, so those servers would be difficult to get it. We would recommend players to try changing to a less populated or a lesser-known server to fix the matchmaking issue. Apart from that, sometimes console servers are more populated than PC servers, which is why switching your system might also help. In case none of these fixes work, you can always take a break and try logging in after some time. Players can also try the OG restart trick on their console or router, sometimes it might magically fix your matchmaking or server issues.

These were all the solutions you can use to fix the matchmaking and server issues in Warframe and check if Warframe is down.

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