How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Wanna know How To Unlock Super Mario Items like furniture etc in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)? Here is a complete guide on it.

All Super Mario Fans have been excited after the new announcement of all-new Super Mario-themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the new February 25th update. The items were not made available right after the update was released but were said to get launched on March 1st. And today ends the wait for all fans who have been eagerly waiting for the items to be made available. This article will help you out with How To Unlock Super Mario Items in the game.

Before we get started on explaining all steps to your guys on how to unlock the Super Mario furniture and clothing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You will have to first update the version of your game to Ver. 1.8.0a. Once you are done with this then keep scrolling and reading this article to get all steps needed to unlock the items.


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How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing?

To unlock the items in the game you will just have to follow a few simple steps. Also, make sure that you are selecting a User account that is properly linked to a Nintendo Account before you have launched the game.


  1. Go to System Settings at the bottom of the HOME Menu.
  2. Go to the Date & Time option and press A.
  3. Change the Time Zone To Auckland (UTC +13:00) (You may also pick a time zone where its midnight on Monday, March 1st )
  4. Change the Date & Time to 3/1/2021 and 5.00 AM (This will allow for Super Mario items to appear in Nook Shopping) How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons
  5. Go back to Home Menu once you have completed the above steps.
  6. After this start up the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (If you left the game running while making the above changes then Restart the game)
  7. After this check the version on the top right corner of your screen if it says Ver 1.8.0a. Then you are all set to go.
  8. You have now unlocked all Super Mario Items. How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons
  9. Now head to Tom Nook and Isabelle’s Resident Services Building and use the Nook Stop terminal.
  10. Select the Nook Shopping feature
  11. The Mario-themed items will appear in the Promotion section of the app. How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons
  12. You can now purchase the items by using Bells. (Purchases can be made in unlimited quantity)

And with this, you will successfully be able to unlock all Super Mario Items like furniture, etc in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH).

Super Mario Items List: Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Below is the list of items that will be available for you guys to purchase from the Promotion section of the app.

Item Name Price
1-Up Mushroom 2,000 Bells
Block 1,000 Bells
Coin 350 Bells
Fire Flower 1,500 Bells
Floating Block 1,000 Bells
Goal Pole 3,500 Bells
Large Mushroom Platform 3,000 Bells
Pipe 5,000 Bells
Shell 700 Bells
Small Mushroom Platform 1,000 Bells
Super Mushroom 1,350 Bells
Super Star 2,000 Bells
Thwomp 3,000 Bells
? Block 1,350 Bells
Super Mario Clothing Items
Item Name Price
Luigi Hat 1,500 Bells
Mario Hat 1,500 Bells
Princess Peach Crown 12,000 Bells
Wario Hat 1,500 Bells
Luigi ‘stache 1,200 Bells
Mario ‘stache 1,200 Bells
Wario ‘stache 1,200 Bells
Luigi Outfit 2,400 Bells
Mario Outfit 2,400 Bells
Princess Peach Dress 6,000 Bells
Wario Outfit 2,400 Bells
Luigi Shoes 1,400 Bells
Mario Shoes 1,400 Bells
Princess Peach Shoes 2,400 Bells
Wario Shoes 1,400 Bells
Super Mario Furniture Items
Item Name Price
Mushroom Mural 3,000 Bells (Mailed for free if you update the game for a limited time)
Block Flooring 3,000 Bells
Lakitu’s Cloud Rug 1,500 Bells
Yoshi’s Egg Rug 1,500 Bells
More Items TBA

This will be all you will need to know on How To Unlock Super Mario Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For more such guides and updates keep following us on



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