Top War: How To Get Formation Manual?

Fortified Formation and Formation Manual: Assault can be found in Top War.

The Formation Center is unlocked once you reach Level 50 in Top War. You can unlock and upgrade Formations here. Formation Manuals can be quite useful in Top War. There are multiple types of Formation Manuals available in the game. In this guide, we will explain how you can get each type of Formation Manual in Top War.

How To Get Formation Manual In Top War?


You can collect Formation 101 Manuals and Formation Manual: Assault in Top War. Formation 101 items can be purchased from the Legion Store by completing Daily Quests. The Formation Manual: Assault is available through Events in the game. You can also get Formation Manuals through 5-star Radar Missions and SvS store. You can get SvS points by participating in SvS events that happen every week in the game. The timing of these events is listed in your calendar. However, the drop rate for these items is quite low and you will have to grind a lot for them.

The Assault Formation increases the Attack and DMG of the front two rows allowing them to cause more damage. Meanwhile, Fortified Formation trades off the damage of the front row for higher HP or Armor and the HP or Armor of the back row for higher damage. This formation is ideal for tough fights especially when you need to balance out your defense.

You will need to alternate between the formations as per your play style. If you prefer more offensive gameplay, The Assault Formation will work best for you. However, you might need to up the defense for difficult battles with the Fortified Formation.

That is all there is to know about getting Formation Manual in Top War. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For more Top War guides, check out How To Earn Legion Points In Top War?