The Quarry Glitch In Streamer Mode (2022)

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You must have heard about the Streamer Mode in The Quarry. This is a new feature being added to most of the games in order to aid the streamers. The crux of this feature is Music. In most of the games, the developers use Copyrighted Music which means that nobody can use that music in their videos without the consent of the company and if not, they will face legal actions.

As many gamers record their gameplays and upload the video on YouTube, or they simply stream their gameplay live, it is quite natural that the music will resonate in the background of their video, unknowingly violating the law. Hence, the Streamer mode is being introduced lately to put an end to this dilemma. So, to know what is it exactly, read along with the guide.

What is Streamer Mode in The Quarry?

Streamer Mode Glitch in the Quarry

In the recently launched game, The Quarry, the developers have added this Streamer Mode. The Streamer Mode is a mode in the game that contains non-copyrighted music. So, whenever you turn this mode on, the free music will play in the background and the streamers can upload the video without worrying about any copyright claims on their channel.

Well, a glitch was observed that even when the Streamer Mode in The Quarry is enabled, streamers are receiving copyright claims on YouTube. The gamers took this issue to the internet and soon the developers of the Quarry were notified about the mishap.

To avoid any further inconvenience, the developers of the game issued a message on social media. They have advised the gamers to turn the music off while recording or streaming the video. And on the other hand, the developers are working to resolve this glitch as soon as possible.

There could be any reason behind this glitch, maybe there is a bug in the game or probably this issue is arising from YouTube’s end. But for now, there is only one thing the streamers can do and that is waiting patiently until the developers come up with a solution.

This is all you need to know about the Streamer Mode glitch in The Quarry. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out the Gamesadda website for more such guides.