Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide And Tips

Progress quickly through the game with these handy tips and tricks

Summoners War: Chronicles is an action RPG that takes a look at the situations that led to the Summoners War: Sky Arena. While it is a fairly simple game, beginners might struggle to understand some concepts and mechanisms in the game. To make it easier, we have put together this beginners guide with tips for players just starting Summoners War: Chronicles.

Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide And Tips


We have tried to cover all the basic concepts that might confuse beginners in this guide. From gameplay basics to initiating autoplay mode, you will find all the answers in this article. So, let us get started.

Summoner Types

Your Summoner choice can greatly impact your game. Therefore, it is recommended that you take some time before making the choice. There are three options available: Summoner of Guard, Summoner of Magic, and Summoner of Healing. Each Summoner has different strengths and weaknesses.

The Summoner of Guard is great for you if you prefer a more defensive gameplay. However, if offense is more your style, then Summoner of Magic will be perfect for you. You also have the option to opt for the Summoner of Healing who empowers her allies with buffs and healing magic.

Auto Play Mode

It can be quite cumbersome to control the characters for every small quest. The auto play mode can help you massively in this situation. With this mode enabled, you can leave the character to move from objective to objective without needing any assistance. Simply clicking on the quest will enable auto play mode. However, if you move the character manually the mode will be turned off. It is not possible to auto play the dungeons during the first playthrough.

Forming A Strong Team

Here’s the most useful point in this Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide: focus on building a strong team. You will have to collect strong monsters and upgrade them to strengthen your team.

Monsters can be summoned from the Summon Altar. At the Altar, you can use Mystical, Legendary, and Unknown Scrolls for single or multiple pulls. Moreover, you can also summon monsters through monster pieces. These monster pieces can be attained as rewards or through gacha pulls.

You can level up skills or monsters by using the limited resources. It is best to focus on leveling up your skills during early game. To do this, you can open the main menu and click on the Skills option and then select Enhance Skills.

Monster Types

The monsters in Summoners War Chronicles have different element types. These are Fire, Wind, Water, Light, and Darkness. Each type is vulnerable to a particular type of monster and strong against another. The Fire monsters are strong against Wind but weak against Water. Similarly, the Wind type monsters are strong against Water. Meanwhile, the Light and darkness types oppose each other.

Changing Team

Since there are only three monsters per team, you can change them up to keep gaining XP for other monsters on your roster. To do this, you need to go to the main menu and select the Monster option. Now, you can replace any monster by clicking on its slot and selecting another monster from your collection.

These are all the Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide and Tips. For more Summoners War guides, check out the Summoners War Chronicles Tier List: Best Monsters Ranked