Top 5 Rust Gambling Sites (October 2021)

Here are the best sites for you for skin gambling in Rust.

Rust is a survival game that is widely popular and has tons of positive reviews on Steam. Rust gambling includes trading rust skins and using them as currency. Many websites use rust skins for coinflips, slots, etc. Many users have started to gamble using Rust Skins and Rust has since lost over $4 Million due to Steam Refunds. One of the most popular gambling games for Rust is Roulette. Here are some Rust Gambling Sites that are legit for you to test out your gambling skills and your luck.

Rust Gambling Sites

Best Rust Gambling Sites


You can sign in using your Steam account on this website. This site has coin flips, roulette, and even Hilo available. You can also see the market trends on this website for costing etc. When you first go to the website, you can even claim Free Coins. There is a promo code called – hella. You get $0.50 for signing up.


This is one website where you will always see someone online. You have a live chat available where players chat and also do coinflips live. You can also see people playing slots and winning prizes on here. When you first sign up you can even use the code – hella for free $0.5 and free daily rust cases. You can spin the wheel and so much more at Howl. This is one of the premium sites that people use for Rust.


Rustchance has a huge list of games that you can gamble on. Some of them are High rollers, low ballers, coinflip, roulette, crash, landmines, etc. You can also claim bonuses on this website. Multiple people can join the games at the same time and play together. You can also see a list of all the people that won things on the right side corner of the main page. These rust gambling sites also allow you to log in using Steam.


This site doesn’t only have gambling for Rust but also for Dota 2, CSGO, Team Fortress too. It’s one of the most legit and premium sites as it requires registering before you can even access the rest of the site. YOu can use code top100list to claim a free Chest of Gems and you can get up to $50 when you register. You also get a 15% Rakeback for your first week after your registration. This site also has gambling games like coinflip, roulette, etc.


RustMoment is quite similar to Howl since it also has a live chat and lives betting system. You can play roulette and place bets with people online. You also see people winning real money on the site. Free rewards are available to claim and you can even duel with people on here. It is pretty safe as you can connect your steam to it and also see price trends. This site is one of the most used sites and has a large user base.

These are all the great and safe Rust Gambling Sites that we know off. Check out these CSGO Trading sites here.