Rogue Legacy 2: Best Upgrades

Here are the best upgrades that you need to grab in Rogue Legacy 2.

Dying in any game is quite disappointing and annoying. But none more than Rogue Legacy 2. When you die in this game, you have the option to choose from three new character choices. This will determine how you start your next attempt. But which upgrades should you get and what parts of your castle do you need first? You can’t be wasting your hard-earned gold on just anything, you know. So, here is your guide on which are the best upgrades in Rogue legacy 2.

Which Are The Best Upgrades To Grab In Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2: Best Upgrades

Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

To unlock the castle, not only will you need to use the Knight but also the following: Archer, Barbarian and Mage. Unlock these classes in Rogue Legacy 2 to widen the number of classes that your children can choose when you die. The wider your pool, the better your approach to the castle. This is why it is one of the best upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2.

Arsenal and Study Hall

Your arsenal will increase your melee damage and the study hall will increase your spell damage. You can find the same on the left of the Barbarian and the right of the Mage, respectively. Choose the one that you prefer for your game and then switch between the two in the next attempt. Choose melee attacks to get more arsenal or spell damage to be able to one-shot your enemies. This will eliminate more obstacles and help you get further in the game.

Blacksmith and Enchantress

One of the most essential things to unlock in the game. The Blacksmith and Enchantress are closer to the bottom and are a must-have if you want to build your castle. While the enchantress will unlock runes, the blacksmith will give you access to armour instead. Make sure to grab these two first. As finding armour pieces and runes is much more difficult later when you are stronger. Thus making it one of the best upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2.

Fashion Chambers in Rogue Legacy 2

Underneath the blacksmith lies the Fashion chamber upgrade. What this does is basically allows you to increase your character’s weight capacity. The higher the weight capacity, the easier it is for your character to access quality pieces. These quality armours will be found as you delve deeper into the dungeons.

Foundry in Rogue Legacy 2

Use the Foundry upgrade to increase the armour that your character starts with. Building this early is good for you. As it gives you additional armour on top of any that your character is currently wearing from the blacksmith. This provides you with more health and helps to make it that much further in the dungeon. And so, this is one of the top reasons why it is one of the best upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2.

Max Health

The max health of your armour will break eventually after your character has been hit enough times. This will leave you with only their health points. And so, it would be wise to put more gold into your max health. This will help you remain alive no matter the character or traits with a 150% gold boost if you have a one-shot kill abnormality. This is definitely one of the best upgrades to have in Rogue Legacy 2 on the list and that is why it has been saved for the end.

These were our top picks for the best upgrades to grab in Rogue Legacy 2. We know how hard it can be to keep spending on upgrades and so, this list only has the most necessary of them all. Make sure to follow the list to get the best upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2.

Let us know which of these are a hit or miss for you. As well as which ones should have been added. For more console content, check out this article on how to stream and play PlayStation games on phone.