PUBG New State: How To Avoid Getting Banned?

PUBG New State's new penalty system will ban accounts for killing teammates. Let's see more about it to avoid account ban in PUBG New State.

Within the first month of its release, PUBG New State has amassed a huge fanbase. Players are loving the blend of old-school battle royale and the new weapons and regions in PUBG New State. With a huge fanbase comes hackers, so the developers have decided to tighten their penalty system. Krafton will be rolling out a new penalty system in December, let’s see how to avoid getting your account banned in PUBG New State.

How To Avoid Getting Your Account Banned In PUBG New State?

With the new penalty system being rolled out in December, players are concerned and confused about the activities that can get their accounts banned. Let’s see what can get you banned in PUBG New State and how to avoid it.

Don’t Kill Your Teammate

While this might sound very obvious, it will be the December update where Krafton will start banning accounts that kill teammates during the game. Many players kill teammates for fun and spoil the whole experience for random players that team up with them online.

Avoid Using Third-Party Tools

Many players resort to using third-party tools to get guns, skins, and ammo for free and also tweak with the game settings. Using such tools can put your account at the risk of getting banned as it violates the terms and conditions of PUBG New State.

Don’t Buy In-game Currency From Illegal Sources

The only way to get in-game currency in PUBG New State is by purchasing it. Players can earn some, but the important ones can only be bought. Often players resort to illegal sources to avoid buying the currency. Krafton strictly monitors such activities and has taken action against accounts that get the in-game currency from illegal sources. Players should avoid this on an immediate basis as the new penalty system will monitor this even strictly.

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