Perverted Education Walkthrough, Guides, Tips & Cheats [v1.2002]

Here's everything you need to know about Perverted Education.

Perverted Education is one of the most played adult games right now. The game has you taking a role of an adult but immature boy, who had lost his father when he was too young. You will get corrupted with three people — Teacher, Therapist, and Guardian.

Since you have spent your life as a saint, initially, you would not get what’s happening with you but later, you will know everything. Since you don’t have any to take care of yourself, you will have to learn to deal with everything on your own.

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If you don’t know what Perverted Eduction is all about and then you must read this complete walkthrough.

Perverted Education Walkthrough, Tips, Guides & Cheats

As we have mentioned above that you will be corrupted by three people — Teacher, Therapist, and Guardian, take a look at their deviancy one by one.

Therapist deviancy:

In order to unlock the therapist’s visit, you will have to get your Guardian deviancy to number two.

  • Perversion 1 – It will set when you pay your first visit
  • Perversion 2 – It will set after your first visit and Teacher perversion is at 1
  • Perversion 3 – It will set after the first time you watch the sissy Hypno for her experiment.
  • Perversion 4 – It will set after you keep watching the sissy Hypno for her experiment
  • Perversion 5 – It will set after yet more sessions watching the sissy Hypno for her experiment

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Teacher deviancy:

  • Perversion 1 – Make efforts to give bribe to your teacher, daring should at 2.
  • Perversion 2 – Make sure to wear a G-string and chastity cage to school and then you can sport a buttplug to get an additional discount.
  • Perversion 3 – Go to school without masturbating for a few days and go girl’s locker room when given a chance. The Chastity cage is locked and it will only be unlocked when on weekends. If you really want to get it unlocked, you will have to behave well.
  • Perversion 4 – Don’t wear panties while going to school. You will come across an event where your Guardian puts your panties in the wash with hers as a hint to do this.
  • Perversion 5 – Don’t refuse to email locked in Chastity for the weekend.
  • Perversion 6 – You will have to give a nice pose for th Coach.
  • Perversion 7 – Now, you will have to suck off the bullies for a few days, and then you will get an opportunity to have the stun gun and zap them.
  • Perversion 8 – Make sure to win the Coach minigame and have him fuc*ing your ass.
  • Perversion 9 – When you are given a choice by your teacher, request her to feminized the bully.
  • Perversion 10 – When you are given a chance to select the desired profession, select the school slut.

Guardian deviancy:

There is no specific order to do the first two Guardian points.

  • Perversion 1 – Get your Guardian’s alarm clock batteries replaced and caught snooping in her room.
  • Perversion 2 – Purchase an alarm clock and try the dream game at number 1 Perversion.
  • Perversion 3 –  Either get up on a weekday while wearing women’s sleepwear or work at the Guardian’s clinic while wearing a dress.
  • Perversion 4 – You are required to mastu*bate a*ally by using a vibrator. Make sure you have Chastity cage unlocked. This will only happen at perversion :relievedface:.
  • Perversion 5 – You will have to fulfill all camwhore requests.
    Perversion 6 – Make sure no to give Blo*job to the Guardian’s boyfriend while cleaning and blame him for the upcoming activity.
  • Perversion 7 – Any other choices with guardian’s boyfriend.

General Tips:

There are thousands of fans who have been having trouble progressing the game and if that’s you then here are few simple tips that will help you out.

  • Do what your teacher asks you to do.
  • Don’t rush through the game.
  • Make sure to follow suggestions and hints that appear in a different color text.
  • Make sure to not skip your chores.

Guardian Minigame Guide

As time goes, you will know the decision that you have taken after seeing your Guardian is true, “breathing more deeply.” You will also notice a blue text asking you to do once you have responded to a prompt once.

After waiting for a while, you will see yet another text popping up on the screen asking you to do a certain task, which you will have to do at any cost.

Coach Minigame Guide

When you get a prompt in Perverted Education, the coach will tell you which response to give but later, you will have to remember it. Notably, you will give feedback after each selection, letting you know that whether you have made the correct decision or not.

Are There Any Cheats In Perverted Education?

No, there are no cheat codes that can be used in this Perverted Education. If you have any cheat that you have been using in this adult game then do let us know in the comment section below.