BitLife MOD Apk v2.7.1 Free Download- Free God Mode & Bitizenship

Want to enjoy all the features of Bitlife but don't want to spend money? Here is how you can get it for free.

Bitlife is a life simulator game that allows you to pick a character, name it anything, and literally live your life. It asks you to choose between multiple choices throughout each stage of life. You can pick to become a doctor, a painter, or even become a TikTok Celebrity. The possibilities are endless with bitlife. There are chances you go to prison or even die in the game due to poor life choices. The game has a feature where you can go back in time to reverse your death or a certain choice you made however, it costs you real money. You can use the Time Machine if you pay for it. You can even customize your own character and set all the attributes like looks, fertility, etc using the God Mode. The God Mode also costs real money through in-app purchases. Some choices in bitlife also require purchasing the Bitizenship. Here is how you can get the BitLife Mod Apk.

If you’re like us and want to enjoy the game fully but also not make any in-app purchases, you should definitely get this APK. This Bitlife Mod Apk allows you to use the Time Machine for free, it allows you to use God Mode, and also has free Bitizenship. All you need to do is install the APK File on your Android device and start playing and choosing the right choices.

Bitlife Mod apk

BitLife Mod APK V2.7.1 Download

You can click on this link to download the BitLife Mod apk file. The newest version is v2.7.1. The file size s approximately 113 MB. This apk file is free to download and was last updated on the 2nd of October 2021.

The minimum Android Version Requirement to download this mod is Android 4.4.

MOD Features

  • Unlocked Bitizenship – When you unlock bitizenship with real money in the game, you stop Ads, unlock VIP features to buy special types of pets, etc, and even bitizen icons. With this mod, everything is free.
  • God Mode – You can now customize your friends’ attributes and your own too! You can also change the way anyone looks in the game.

We hope you enjoy this Bitlife Mod apk as it is free of cost. Check out this guide to escape prison in BitLife.