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MIR4: How To Report A Player (2022)

The MIR4 gaming experience can often be ruined by cheaters and hackers.

MIR4 is an open world K-Fantasy MMORPG. Players can rise up through the game winning battles and training their characters. While the game can be entertaining, the experience is often ruined by cheaters that use unfair methods to stay ahead in the game. Moreover, certain players can also create a toxic environment for others. The good news is that other players can report a cheating player or abuser in MIR4.

Reporting a cheating player helps create a fairer and better gaming environment for all players involved. Currently, the MIR4 servers seem to be getting a lot of cheaters and hackers that ruin the game for everyone.

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To report a player, just follow the simple steps given below.

How To Report A Player In MIR4?


The first things players need to do if they see any sort of wrong conduct in the game is to take screenshots or recordings. These will help players present a stronger case to the developers when reporting a player. Once this is done, players need to do complete the following steps to report a players.

  • Go to the System option in the MIR4 menu.
  • Now, players will see an option for Customer Service. They must click on it.
  • This will take players to the MIR4 support page where there will be an option to ‘Report Abuser’.
  • Click on this option and then select ‘Check’ to move forward with the report.
  • Now, players will have to fill out a form regarding their report. This will include questions regarding the player being reported as well as the type of complain.
  • Players should fill out the form with all the correct details. They should also include the screenshots and a brief description.
  •  Now, all players have to do is click ‘Report’ and the players will be reported to MIR4 developers.

This is how players can report another player in MIR4. For more MIR4 guides, check out MIR4 No Server Response: How To Fix?