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EggLike Plant MIR4 Request Guide: Where To Find The Mysterious Plant

Here's a step by step guide on how to complete an Egglike Plant request in MIR4.

MIR4 has numerous requests to complete and obtain rewards. One such request is ‘EggLike Plant’. There are plenty of MIR4 players who have been having a hard time completing this request and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. In this guide, we will explain how you can easily complete the ‘EggLike Plant’ request in MIR4 and earn a lot of rewards.

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How To Complete ‘EggLike Plant’ Request In MIR4?

Completing this MIR4 request is pretty simple. What all you need to do is click on the ‘+’ icon located on the extreme top right corner of the screen and go to the Missions section. Once you get there, you will have to go ‘Bitcheon Castle‘ and select the request ‘EggLike Plant’. Before you begin this request, tap on the Clue icon.

When you tap on Clue, you will be shown the tasks that you will have to accomplish to complete this request in MIR4. Once you get to know about the clue, tap on the Move option as shown in the above picture.

To get the EggLike Plant request in MIR4, you will have to meet with Jang Soye. When you meet her, she will give you the request that will task you to find the Mysterious Plant.

To find the Mysterious Plant, you will need to head to Nefariox Necropolis 1F. Once you get to the location, open the Global map and travel to the highlighted location.

Egglike Plant MIR4

On your way to the location, you will have to defeat a lot of enemies. Once you have successfully defeated them and reached the location, you will see the Mysterious Plant. Notably, it is illuminated with Golden Spheres.

Once found, you simply need to approach it and tap on the Plant icon and wait until it is gathered. Once gathered, you will have the Mysterious Plant.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the EggLike Plant request and find the Mysterious Plant in MIR4. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to complete MIR4 Mystery quests.