Genshin Impact KFC Collaboration – Date, Skins And Regions

Genshin Impact KFC crossover promises new skins for Noelle and Diluc.

The free-to-play title Genshin Impact is the latest craze in the world of Gacha games. The RPG adventure has an amazing open world that emulates a few of China’s most stunning tourism sites. The massive open-world map of the game provides a lot of adventures, missions, tasks, and leisure for players, enabling them to play with their friends.

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In the short amount of time ever since its debut, the game has piqued the interest of several major corporations across the globe as sponsors, but the latest that has yet to be publicly confirmed is the Genshin Impact KFC collab that has reportedly been observed in China.

Stay anchored to find out what this latest talk of the town is really about.

Genshin Impact KFC Collaboration

Genshin Impact Update 1.3 has been released for quite a while and fans must already be aware of the Lantern Rite event which is set to conclude on February 28th, with the Xiao market open until March 7th. Nevertheless, besides in-game events, the upcoming KFC event in China has been leaked unofficially. Here you can learn about the leaked release date, region, skins of this exclusive collab.

Genshin Impact KFC Collab Release Date

The Genshin impact KFC event is slated to be released on 8th March however it is yet to be confirmed by miHoYo since there isn’t an official announcement made.

The partnership may sound unusual, but Kentucky’s fried chicken fast food sensation has always been affiliated with the video games industry.

Genshin Impact KFC Collab Skin

This collab offers an exclusive Genshin Impact KFC bucket featuring Diluc in a unique imprinted on the side.

Not only this, but the event will also exhibit Noelle as a waitress and the in-game item associated with the partnership being the glider skin.

Skins for the characters are in making, and KFC plans to unveil them in quite an unusual manner.

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Genshin Impact KFC Collab Region

Sad to say, only fans from China will celebrate what the event brings, since this partnership is exclusively for China. Let’s hope that in the near future, we can foresee a collaboration for other regions as well until then, steal a glance at the poster Zeniet made viral on Twitter.

The poster seems promising and exciting, isn’t it? That’s all we have on the Genshin Impact KFC upcoming event details.