Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit: Where To Find It?

Playing the new update and want to find the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit? Read more to find its location.

If you’re playing Genshin Impact and playing the new update, you know how important it is to find the Amakumo Fruit. The Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit can be used for character ascension for Baal. Unfortunately, to upgrade Baal, you need Ascension materials from the Seirai Island that was unlocked in the 2.1 update. Amakumo Fruit is one of them.

Where to Get the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit?

The Amakumo Fruit can be found on Seirai Island and most of it can be found on Amakumo Peak. However, note that you can only unlock parts of the island after completing the Seirai Stormchaser Quest. Here is a map of every location you will find the Amakumo Fruit and the teleports that you can use for the Routes mentioned below.

Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruits

Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit Farming Route

There are a total of 190 Amakumo Fruits out there. Each plant gives you two fruits. To level up Baal to Level 90, you need 168 Amakumo Fruits. If you’re wondering where to start on the island without spending too much time collecting the fruits, here is a route that you can follow. You can also use the Genshin Impact Interactive Map here.

Routes with the most Fruits :

Route 1

There are 14 fruits in total in this location.
This time, teleport to Amakumo Peak in the North East waypoint and head west.

Route 2

You will find 36 fruits on this route.
Teleport to the South Waypoint on Amakumo Peak and glide towards North-West.

Route 3

You will get 22 fruits here.
Teleport yourself to the North-west way point of Amakumo peak again and head South-West

Route 4

This route has 26 fruits.
Teleport to the South Waypoint on Amakumo Peak and glide South-West.

Route 5

There are 26 fruits on this route too.
Get to Amakumo Peak South waypoint by teleporting there and glide to South-East this time.

Route 6

You’ll get 18 fruits here.
Teleport to the North-West waypoint of Amakumo Peak and glide to the East.

Routes with the least fruits:

Route 7

This is the smallest route so you’ll get only 6 fruits here.
Teleport to the Fort Hiraumi South-East waypoint and then walk South-East.

Route 8

You’ll get 12 fruits on this route.
Teleport to the northwest waypoint on Amakumo peak and glide west.

Route 9

The route has 12 fruits.
Get to the North East Waypoint on Amakumo Peak and go south.

Route 10

There are only 6 fruits on this route and therefore you can skip this.
Teleport to the West waypoint on Fort Himaumi and head south-east.

Route 11

This route has 6 fruits.
Teleport to Koseki village south-west waypoint. Head west on the route.

Route 12

There are 6 fruits here.
Go to the Koseki village east waypoint and use the phase gate beside the waypoint to reach the island on the southeast.

It is not necessary to use teleport each time. If you have unlocked them all, you can use them to save time. You can even just walk around the inner circle of the island and the outer edge. That’s where most of the plants are. If you don’t want to use some routes, you can skip them. These plants have a 48 hour respawn time. You can wait for them to respawn if you don’t want to walk around a lot.

As of now, there are no other uses of the Amakumo Fruit other than the upgrade. We will keep you updated with any other details about the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit and other things in the game. Meanwhile here is how you can find the Raimei Angelfish.