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Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes: How To Fix Error Code 3.0

Solve SWGOH error code 3.0 by referring to this guide.

Error Code 3.0 in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is popping up on a lot of screens recently. Players are seeing an error message while starting the game and it is preventing them from entering the game.

It is highly possible that swgoh error code 3.0 is occurring due to an issue in the game’s hardware. However, in this guide, we have covered a few fixes for you to try out. In case the issue did not get resolved even after trying these solutions, it is in the hand of the developers to tackle it.

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Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0 Fix

Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0

  • Sign out and Back in
  • Clear App Cache
  • Uninstall and Reinstall app
  • Reboot your device

Sign out and Back in

First and foremost fix of swgoh error code 3.0 is to sign out of your gaming account and sign back in after a few minutes. This will act as a subtle cool down for your activities in the game and possibly set things right.

Clear App Cache

Another way to tackle this error is to clear the app cache by going into the settings menu in your device. The cached data can tamper with the application, making it slower of less effective when being used. Make sure to develop a habit of doing this regularly.

Uninstall and Reinstall app

If the above fixes did not work as planned, you can try removing the app from your device and reinstalling it after a while. This method usually works most of the times and hence it is worth giving a try.

Reboot your device

If none of the above solutions had an effect on swgoh error code 3.0, you can try rebooting your device as a last resort. However, if this too does not combat the error, you may have to contact the developers regarding this issue.

And most importantly, have patience and let the devs work on it so they can get it up and running as soon as possible.

These are a few fixes that can help you combat Galaxy of Heroes error code 3.0 in the game. If you’re fond of this game by now, you might want to know how to Get and Use Datacrons in SWGOH.