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Gacha Club: Best Hairstyles For Boys And Girls (November 2022)

Are you looking for the best hairstyles for all the characters in the Gacha Club? Then here you go!

Gacha Club is a fun role-playing Anime game that has numerous customizable characters to play with. It comes with a great variety of male as well as female characters that you can play with. There are many Gacha Club players recently been looking for ways to give the best hairstyles to their characters.

If you are also the one then we have customized the best hairstyles for your characters. Read further to understand the customization of the hairstyles for your characters.

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Best Hairstyles In Gacha Club For Boys And Girls

As a beginner, all players can begin with the basic default characters or avatars in the game. We have played with the basic avatar and tried to mix and match with the options to get the best hairstyles. You can follow the adjustments given below with your male and female character in the game and see if you find it one of the best hairstyles in Gacha Club.

Gacha Club: Best Hairstyle Girls’s

Gacha Club hairstyles

All Base Colour Purple
All Fade Color Light Purple
All Outline Black
High Color Pink
Acc. Color Red
Rear Hair 20/236
Front Hair 5/338
Back Hair 8/108
Ponytail 74/91
Ahoge 13/51

Gacha Club: Best Hairstyle Boy’s

Gacha Club hairstyles

All Base Colour Black
All Fade Color Olive green
All Outline Black
High Color Red
Acc. Color Yellow
Rear Hair 5/236
Front Hair 44/338
Back Hair 0/108
Ponytail 0/91
Ahoge 03/51

These are the default boy and girl characters in Gacha Club that we have tried to give best hairstyle. You can choose your favorite charcaters from the list and customize them accorning to your choice of things. We suggest you to play with your imagination and create your dream Gacha look rather than going for these ones.

There are infinite options not only in hairstyles but also in outfits, pets, accessories, body and profile. Do the necessary changes and make your best gacha hairstyles in Gacha Club.