Fortnite White Screen Glitch: How To Fix It?

Players are basically stuck with a blank white screen while trying to log in

Fortnite has had its share of troubles recently. The massively popular game is embroiled in legal stand-offs with both Apple and Google Play Store making it difficult for new players to enjoy the game. However, new players aren’t the only ones experiencing trouble while trying to play Fortnite. Many Fortnite players have experienced the White Screen Glitch when trying to play the game. This error seems to be particularly bad for Nintendo Switch players. That being said, Nintendo players aren’t the only ones that have experienced the glitch while playing Fortnite. PS4, PS5, and Xbox players have also reported having trouble with this glitch.

The Fortnite White Screen Glitch

What Is It?

The Fortnite White Screen Glitch fills the screens of players trying to log into the game with a white screen. Players are basically stuck with a blank white screen with no details and no idea how to fix the situation. Players are unable to interact with the game during the glitch leaving them with no option but to hope that Epic Games would remedy the situation soon.

How To Fix The Fortnite White Screen Glitch?

Currently, there is not much that players can do to fix this glitch. One thing that seems to be working for some players is force shutting down the game and then restarting it. This solution seemed to have worked for a few players while trying to fix the Fortnite White Screen Glitch. However, other than that players can only wait for the situation to be resolved from Epic Games’ end.

There is some good news on that front though. Epic Games have not only acknowledged the issue on Twitter, but they also assured players that it has been fixed.

Players should soon stop experiencing troubles with the White Screen Glitch if they haven’t already. Players should also cross-check that they have the most recent version of Fortnite installed complete with all the drives and fixes.

If nothing seems to work, players can always make a hail mary move and re-install the game from scratch. However, since Fortnite is a huge game, make sure it is a necessary step before doing so.