Fatal To The Flesh 2022: Everything You Need To Know About The Site

The goal of the site is to provide an emotional outlet for users

Fatal To The Flesh is a website that provides a way to distract users by providing simulation tasks. The website was formed in 2004 by Rafael Rozendaal and provides an alternative in the form of a simulation game for those looking to self-harm. It is a safe outlet where users can vent their frustrations without any detrimental effects. Today, we will discuss in detail what the Fatal To The Flesh website (fataltotheflesh.com) is and what is its purpose.

What Is Fatal To The Flesh?

Fatal to the flash

Fatal To The Flesh provides users with a blank, white page when they first visit the site. Once users move the cursor across the screen, cuts appear on the blank page in red. These are symbolic of cuts appearing on the skin. The more users move their cursors across the screen, the more cuts appear. It is a site that, in short, allows users to create marks across a white screen that look like bleeding cuts.

However, Fatal To The Flesh (fataltotheflesh.com) is an alternative to self-harm and not a site promoting it in any way. It encourages users to distract themselves through the simulation game on the site when they feel the need to self-harm.

The goal of the site is to provide an emotional outlet that is not self-destructive for users. Through the simulation game, Fatal To The Flesh provides users with a way to express their distress on the site’s blank page.

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How To Use Fatal To The Flesh Website in 2022?

It is very easy to use the website. Users only need to go to the official site fataltotheflesh.com. Here, they will be presented with a blank white page where they can just start creating cuts on the screen. When users move their mouse across the screen quickly, the cut will appear deeper. Slow mouse movement will lead to shallow cuts appearing on the screen. Like we mentioned before, this is a website that presents users with an alternative to self-harm through a harmless game. It should be used with that intention in mind.