Epic Seven: How To Use Memory Imprint?

Memory Imprint can give added bonus stats to a Hero or their team.

Memory Imprint is a useful feature in Epic Seven that can provide an additional stat bonus for the team. This feature can be applied to all Heroes. It is quite easy to use Memory Imprint in Epic Seven once you know the process. Let us take a look and understand more below.

How To Use Memory Imprint In Epic Seven?


Memory Imprint can give bonus stats to all members of a team if a Hero with Memory Imprint is placed in one. However, in this case, the Hero with the Memory Imprint will not receive the bonus effects. You can do a Memory Imprint by tapping on the Enhance button on your Hero’s profile. To do this, you will need duplicates of the same hero.

While this is true for most Heroes, there are a few exceptions. Ras can only use the Illryos Fragment for Memory Imprints. Moreover, if you want to do a Memory Imprint with Mercedes, you will need World Fragments. You can get World Fragments through A Crack in the World in Adventure or Unrecorded History Stage. Alternatively, Celestial Mercedes does not specifically need the World Fragments and you can also use a duplicate to Imprint her.

Once you have acquired all the required items, you can follow the steps given below to use Memory Imprint.

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Select the Hero option.
  • From the list of Heroes, select the one you want to use Memory Imprint on.
  • Click the Enhance or Promote button and then use the duplicate Heroes for Imprinting.

Memory Imprint can have different levels varying from D to SSS. A 5 star Hero will start at B level of Memory Imprint while a 4 star Hero will start a C. Meanwhile, 3 star Heroes start with a D level of Memory Imprint.

This is everything you need to know about using Memory Imprint in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Rid Of 2 Star Units In Epic Seven?