How To Download PUBG Mobile KR 2022

Play the Korean version of PUBG without using third-party apps.

Following the recent ban of BGMI in India, players are looking for alternatives to the game. One alternative to BGMI is PUBG Mobile KR which players can download and play. While the original PUBG is still banned in the country, many players have found a solution by downloading the Korean version of PUBG on their mobile devices.

How To Download PUBG Mobile KR For Android Or iOS?


Players can download and play PUBG Mobile’s Korean version without violating the government guidelines in India for the moment. However, it is advisable that players look for BGMI alternatives rather than downloading PUBG Mobile KR. If players still want to download the game, they can follow the instructions below.


To download the game on an Android device, players can follow the steps given below.

  • Download the PUBG Mobile KR APK file from a trustworthy source.
  • Install the APK file and download the game.
  • Players can now enjoy PUBG Mobile KR on their Android device.


Players that want to download the game on iOS will have to go through a longer process to do so. They can follow the steps below to download the game on their device.

  • Go to the App Store and open the profile page.
  • Click on the account option and then select the Country/Region option.
  • Set the country to Republic of Korea or the United States.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to use the device in that country.
  • Create a random profile.
  • Select a region and enter a Zipcode.
  • After this, players will be asked for a payment option. Set this as None.
  • Save the Settings and wait for the App Store to restart.
  • Search for PUBG Mobile on the App Store.
  • Download PUBG Mobile KR and play the game.

That is how players can install and play PUBG Mobile KR. For more gaming guides, check out How To Download PUBG Mobile Lite Global APK Via Direct Link & TapTap?