How To Find And Use Eye Of Witness In Cult Of The Lamb

Got new quest of acquiring Eyes of Witnesses, here's how you can get them.

Cult of the Lamb has several interesting and rewarding side quests apart from the main ones. Some are pretty straightforward while some are a little tricky to acquire and complete. In this guide, we’ll learn about one such mission. How to find, get and use Eye of the Witness in Cult of the Lamb and what it provides in exchange.

How to Find and Use Eye of the Witness in Cult of the Lamb

Witness In Cult Of The Lamb

How to Get This Quest

  • Open your game and go to the teleporting star, then choose Smuggler’s Sanctuary.
  • Walk straight to the end of the path, there you’ll see a creature with four hands and a moustache, Plimbo.
  • Approach him, he’ll tell you that after the bishop’s death, the bishop gets replaced by a Witness, whom you need to defeat and get the Eye of a Witness for him.

How Many and Where to Find Them

  • You are going to need a total of 4 eyes of witnesses to complete the quest.
  • After you have defeated a boss in any dungeon, a new mini-boss appears there, witness. So, you can go to any previously unlocked and completed dungeons.
  • Locations are Darkwood, Anchordeep, Anura, and Silk Cradle.

Crusade and Get Eye

  • Go to your dungeon section and enter any one of the dungeons mentioned above.
  • As you enter the dungeon, you’ll see a big owl-like creature. He’ll tell you the story of the boss and that enemies in these dungeons have grown stronger than before.
  • As they are stronger than before you are going to need better weapons, so grab those two weapons you see in front of you.
  • Now crusade through the dungeon. You’ll find many weapons throughout your journey, select the best weapon that aligns with your ability.
  • After you have defeated the mini-boss you’ll receive a chest and eye.
  • Go back to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary and give an eye to Plimbo.
  • Plimbo will give you piece of Talisman in exchange for every eye, you can exchange Talisman for Fleece.

In this guide, you show how to find and use the Eye of the Witness in Cult of the Lamb. For more such articles check out building materials guide.