Coin Master: How To Get Firebird Card

Find out how you can get the elusive Firebird Card in Coin Master.

Players can collect cards in Coin Master to complete Collections and get rewards. Each card has a different rarity and a corresponding value in the game. Some cards might be easy to get but others can lead players on quite a chase. The Firebird Card is a 5-star gold card that can be quite difficult to obtain in Coin Master. To make it easier for you, we have explained how to obtain this card in the guide below.

How To Get Firebird Card In Coin Master?


There are multiple ways to get the Firebird Card in this game. Let us take a look at each of them below.


You can find different chests in the game shop. While the magical and gold chests cost quite a lot, they are the ones that are likely to yield a Firebird Card in the game. You can also exchange unwanted cards from the deck for chests.

Gold Card Events

You can also try your luck at Gold Card Events to obtain the elusive Firebird Card. At these events, you get the chance to trade Gold Cards and stand a chance of eventually finding the rare card.


Completing Collections is a good way to get rewards. However, it is important that you complete the sets for each village before moving on to the next one as it will be quite difficult to get cards that are missing later in the game. It is also a good way to systematically make your way to the Firebird card in Coin Master.


There are also several hacks that claim to reward rare cards to players. However, we will strongly recommend you to not use this method. Not only do hacks possess a security threat to your account, but they can also get your account permanently banned.

These are all the ways to get the Firebird Card in Coin Master. For more Coin Master guides, check out How To Activate Ghost Mode In Coin Master?