Candy Crush Saga: How To Get Free Gold Bars?

The Gold Bars are one of the premium currencies offered in Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 puzzle game designed for mobile devices. The game has many currencies that you can use to progress faster. The Gold Bars are one of the premium currencies offered in Candy Crush Saga. You can use this premium currency to buy more moves, lives, boosters, or other useful items. While it is easy to get Gold Bars by purchasing the piggy bank in Candy Crush Saga, there are other ways to get them for free.

How To Get Free Gold Bars In Candy Crush Saga?


If you do not want to spend any money in CCS and strictly want to stick to free-to-play, you might want to know how to obtain the Gold Bars in the game. We have listed the best way to get this premium currency for free in the game below.

Episode Race

The easiest way to get free Gold Bars in the game is by winning in the Episode Race game mode. You will need to beat 4 other randomly chosen players in your race to win when you start an Episode. If you finish first, you are rewarded with 5 gold bars. Players who land in 2nd place get 3 Gold Bars. Lastly, 3rd place in the Episode gets you 1 Gold Bar.

Participate In CCS Events

Another way to get Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga is by participating in different events that take place in the game. Gold Rush is one such event where you can get Gold Bars. You will have to level up fast to participate in this event. The event will give you Gold Nuggets that can later be exchanged for Gold Bars. However, only a few players are able to qualify for this event.

These are the ways to obtain free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Remove Frog And Clear Level 532 In Candy Crush Saga?