BitLife Corporate Job Guide: How To Become A CEO

Here's a quick guide on how to become a CEO in BitLife.

BitLife -Life Simulator is a Mobile game, which allows players to achieve whatever they want in real life. From becoming a singer, pilot to a gangster, players have an option to become what they really want in this life simulation game.

There are thousands of players who have been having trouble getting a Corporate job in BitLife and if that’s you then look no further because we have a guide covering each step in the easiest way possible.

Before we teach you how to get a Corporate job in BitLife, let me tell you that there are certain requirements that need to fulfilled first. The first and foremost thing to get a Corporate job like CEO, your character needs to be at least 70% smarts.

How To Become A CEO In BitLife

Becoming a CEO in BitLife is a bit lengthy process. To become a CEO, you will have to head to the Business/Graduate School and find a Corporate job. Once you graduated, there are chances that you will get an offer to go to University for further studies.

If you don’t want to pay fees on your own and get a scholarship for further education, it is highly recommended to take part in a couple of extracurricular activities. Once you have completed your graduation from Business School, you will have to go to Graduate School. Once you reach this stage, you would not need to bother about studying or activities.

To become a CEO in BitLife, you will have to find a Corporate job, irrespective of what your position is. Once you managed to get a Corporate job, you are almost a few steps away to become the CEO of the company.

After joining a Corporate job, you will have to work there for 15-year. Once you have got experience of one and half decade, look for the “Assistant Vice President”, which you will find under the listings.

After working for a few years as Assistant Vice President, you will be promoted to Vice President, then Executive Vice President, Managing Director, then one day you will eventually become a CEO.

That’s everything you need to know about how to become a CEO in BitLife.