How To Get An Arranged Marriage In Bitlife

This article is presented to show how to get an arranged marriage in Bitlife.

Bitlife being the most popular text-based life simulator game, there are tons of activities and events integrated for you to play, explore and experience much as you do in your daily existence. It may be higher education, pursuing a career, become a dentist, become a swimmer, love dates, break up with your lover, how to conceive twins, how to escape prison, how to become a Pilot and the list goes on.

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Amongst the list includes having an arranged marriage in Bitlife. Yes, in this interesting title, you can get married in an arranged setting. You must be curious to know how since you searched for it on Google. Stay rooted to the end for a quick yet detailed guide.

Bitlife Arranged Marriage Guide

To make an arranged marriage successful in Bitlife you must meet the following prerequisite:

  • You need to take birth and exist only in certain specified countries. These countries include India, Iran, Japan, and Afghanistan.
  • If you are born in other countries and not those listed above, you will not be permitted for an arranged marriage in Bitlife.
  • Similar to that, it also extends to those who are first-generation immigrants dwelling in another part of the world.
  • Your character’s parents might have already planned everything.
  • You will be introduced to an opposite gender for an arranged marriage in Bitlife chosen by your parents and upon denying to marry that person may have certain consequences.
  • Your feelings, se**** orientation, status, link-ups, and everything else don’t matter because you’re obliged to be with your parent’s choice of the individual.
  • Throughout the game, you will be prompted several times by your parents to marry the same person which may irk you to no extent but that’s how this works.

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  • Now that you consider this lucky or unlucky, you are allowed not to marry the person that your parents proposed, but if you did, your relationship with your parents will be weakened. So it’s only workable to discourage this if you want to keep climbing.
  • If you marry a person selected by your parents, you will be permitted to divorce your spouse when you progress further in the game.
  • If you’re weary of your parents bugging you time and again to marry the individual they’re advocating, then you can escape this by choosing someone else of your interest. Just like a coin has two sides, this has a positive and a negative side. The positive part is you can have them at your mercy without any pressure and the negative aspect is your relationship with your parents getting impaired.

That’s it on Bitlife arranged marriage guide. Have fun marrying the person of your parent’s preference.