PUBG Mobile or BGMI M7 Royal Pass: Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about BGMI and PUBG Mobile M7 Royal Pass.

Ever since PUBG Mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India introduced their new RP cycle, a lot of fans are wondering about the price, rewards, and release date of the M7 Royal Pass. The reason why every PUBG Mobile and BGMI players are excited about M7 Royal Pass is it will provide double rewards than RP M6 and others.

If you are here to know everything about PUBG Mobile or BGMI M7 Royal Pass then look no further as we have got you covered. This post will not only explain its release date and price but also reveal what new skins and exciting rewards you will get when purchased.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

PUBG Mobile or BGMI C2S4 M7 RP Leaks

Since the official date of the M7 Royal Pass is still a week or more away, a lot of reports surfacing on the internet claiming the leaked skins of the same. If anything to go by the leaked reports, players will receive Goth Aviator Set at RP1. We know that this set is not extraordinary but it is not that bad either.

Besides this set, players are most likely to get DP28 skin called Midnight Lantern. Once you reach RP5, you will be given the Goth Aviator Cover, which is the headgear for the outfit that they get at RP1.

When you reach RP10, all BGMI and PUBG Mobile players will receive the Gold Porcelain Helmet, which looks really amazing.

When you progress further and reach RP15, you will be rewarded with a stunning outfit and a Stun Grenade skin with specks of Gold in it.

As soon as you get to RP20, you will receive the nice Ornament that can be equipped with any bag. If you manage to reach RP30, you will receive badges bike skin called Gold Porcelain. At RP40, players will be given an OP skin called Golden Jade.

If you ever manage to reach RP50, you will get a set called Desert Warrior, whose avatar will be given upon reaching RP30.

Besides the above-mentioned RP rewards, players will get a lot of additional rewards such as emotes, crate coupons, guns skins, and more.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI M7 RP Rewards

Here are all Royal Pass rewards that you will get in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Royal Pass Rewards
RP1 Goth Aviator Set and Midnight Lantern
RP5 Goth Aviator Cover
RP10 Gold Porcelain Helmet
RP15 Stun Grenade Skins
RP20 Nice Ornament
RP30 Gold Porcelain
RP40 Golden Jade Skin
RP50 Desert Warrior Set


That’s all you need to know about PUBG Mobile and BGMI M7 Royal Pass.