Beginner Champions To Unlock First In Wild Rift

These beginner champions will ease a player's time in LoL: Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift brings the popular multiplayer online battle arena to mobile. While the game does trim down the roster for its mobile version, players still have over 70+ characters to choose from. This can be a daunting task for beginner players that are trying to decide on what champions to unlock first in Wild Rift.

To make the task a little easier, we have put together this list of 5 beginner Champions that players should prioritize over others in Wild Rift.

Best Beginner Champions In Wild Rift


Here are the best champion that a beginner can pick in the game. They are easy to grasp but still give out a good performance in the game.

Master Yi


The Jungle role is quite tough for beginners. However, with a little persistency players can master this Assassin and his complex kit. This champion balances out offense and defense nicely. His Double Strike Passive allows him to double strike on basic attacks dealing added damage. With time, players can learn to combine this passive with the Wuju Style to deal a devastating amount of damage.

In addition, players can also use Meditate to get damage reduction as well as healing.

Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune can be quite a misfortune for enemies facing her. Players can make use of her AoE damage abilities with Make It Rain and slow enemies down. This is great for keeping a distance from the enemies. In addition, Bullet Time can also deal a lot of AoE damage.

Miss Fortune also gets a bonus damage from her Passive Love Tap when she strikes new opponents. Overall, this Marksman is one of the best champions beginner players can unlock in LoL: Wild Rift.



Ahri is a speedy champion that can deal deal high magic damage. She can pull enemies closer and deal damage with Charm. On the other hand, her Passive Essence Theft helps regenerate health. She is good for both single and multiple target combat. While Orb of Deception can keep her ahead in a single target scenario, Fox Fire and Spirit Rush are both great for dealing with multiple enemies at once.



This is a speed driven champion. Her Tailwind Passive boosts her movement speed as well as that of allies nearby. Janna can also get a speed boost with Zephyr that can also slow and damage enemies. In addition, she can create storms to knockdown enemies and deal damage with Howling Grace.

Janna also has a few handy defensive skills. Eye of the Storm can give her allies a limited duration shield wile Monsoon can repel enemies while healing allies. In conclusion, this is a balanced champion that will be great for beginner players in League of Legends: Wild Rift.



This is probably the best champion players can choose if they are just dipping their toes into the game. Her kit is beginner-friendly and has a nice balance of offense and defense. She can charge up her basic attacks with her Passive Stage Presence which gives her the ability to cast her third spell twice and give Notes to allies.

Depending on the health of the opponent, her High Note can do quite a lot of damage. The lower the health of the enemy, the more damage this skill will do. In addition, players can use the Surround Sound to shield Seraphine as well as nearby allies. In case she is already Shielded, allies nearby will also get healed.

Beat Drop allows this champion to stun the movement of the opponent by slowing or stunning them. Lastly, players can benefit from her Encore ability that damages and slows enemies in a line. This line extends if hits other opponents or allies on the field.

These are all the best beginner champions that players can unlock in LoL: Wild Rift. For more Wild Rift, check out Tips And Tricks For League Of Legends Wild Rift