How to Make Good Feed in Black Desert Online

Here's an ultimate guide on how make good feed in BDO.

Black Desert Online aka BDO is one of the most popular sandbox-oriented fantasy MMORPG right now. The Mobile version of BDO was released in early 2019 while Xbox and PS4 version — which is known as Black Desert — was released in December last year.

Ever since Black Desert Online was released thousands of players have been having trouble finding how to make a good BDO feed. If you too are facing the same issue then this guide will help you to make a Good BDO feed.

How to Gain the Ability to Cook in BDO

If you have been playing BDO since it was launched, you must know how to gain the ability to cook in the game. But, there are thousands of people who still don’t know the process of cooking feed-in BDO.

If you know how to gain the ability to Cook in BDO then you can skip this section and finally jump to the next section.

Step 1: Get a Residence

In order to gain the ability to cook in BDO, you need to get yourself a residence first. Ti get a residence, you will have to invest CP in a house node that also has the residence option that you can see in the above picture.

Step 2: Buy a Cooking Tool

After getting a residence, the first thing you need to do is to buy a cooking tool. The tool could be a regular one or a Balenos Special one. As the game progress, you can make intermediary and advanced tools to cook faster, but at the moment, let’s make do with the ones you get from the vendor.

Step 3: Place the Tool in Your Residence

After purchasing the cooking tool, you will have to enter your house and keep the tool in your residence by clicking the P button. When you press P, it will open up the placement screen. Now, it is time to select your cooking tool from the menu at the bottom, select a place for it and drop it there.

You might also want to install a chandelier or two (either from the market or one that you build on your own) to be able to have a perfect look.

Once you are done doing this, you are all set to cook in Black Desert Online. Once you gathered everything that needed to cook, just stand close to your cooking took and press the R button.

BDO Good Feed Recipe

Notably, Good Feed is one of the most south after items in BDO as it is used to feed everyone’s pets. Since there is a huge number of pets in BDO, you will need a lot of Good Feed in the game. In fact, the only competition is organic feed, which is another type of feed that you can make in a similar manner.

Required Ingredients

There are certain batches in BDO and each batch of good feed require the following ingredients:

  • 6x Meat (any kind, I suggest lamb meat as it’s easy to get)
  • 2x Dried Fish or 1x fresh fish
  • 3x water (from vendor)
  • 4x flour (any kind)

How to Make Flour

Flour is something that can be made by grinding grains (corn, wheat, barley, etc) with the help of using the processing option (Press L). The best way to get grains is to have your workers gather them.

If you have not gathered your workers yet, you must keep reading this guide and know how to make money with workers and get yourself some workers. There is one more option that can help you accumulate grains yourself at farms, which are located around the lands of BDO.

What all you need to do is to search for a farm with a grain node. It usually has a patch of the farmed soul where you can gather grain from. In order to make flour, you need to have a single grain for each grinding batch which produces 2.5 flour on average at processing level artisan 1.

How to Get Fish

There is only one way to get fresh fish is to catch it yourself. In order to make good feed in BDO, you can either use fresh fish or dry your fish by processing and use dry fish. However, we will recommend you to have your workers gather dried fish for you from fishing nodes or just buy dried fish from the market.  Fishing nodes are placed on islands in the sea.

How to Get Meat

Do you know how to get mean in BDO? If Not then you should know that Meat is an ingredient that can only be collected or bought from the market. For this recipe, you can either use any type of meat but using lamb meat is highly recommended. The only reason why we recommend lamb meat is it can easily be obtained and quite cheap as compared to others.

However, finding Lamb meat in a huge quantity is not easy because it is most sought ingredients in BDO and you need to pre-order it.  The best location to discover meat is the mountains between Baleros and Serendia.

Reducing Gathering Times

Besides the above-mentioned process, you will also need to reduce the time it takes you to accumulate meat. If you are not part of a guild with bonuses to the gathering stat, the simplest way is to use Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +1, a Life stone and Balenos Meals.

If you are part of a guild with +3 gathering, you will simply need either Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +2 or a Life Stone. We would recommend the life stone over the Balenos meat as it also gives a 10% extra chance of getting rare items.

If you do so, it will help to reduce your gathering times from 20 sec to about 2-3 seconds.

How to Make A Good Feed In BDO

Once you have gathered all the needed materials, you can start making some good feed. Just place the materials in the cooking toolboxes in the correct ratio and press start. If you press consistently, you can make batches until you run out of ingredients.

Each batch should give an average of 4 good feeds when your cooking level is at artisan level 1.

That’s all you need to know about how to make good feed in BDO.