Awaken 3Q Gift Codes (November 2022)

Looking for available gift codes in Awaken 3Q? This is where you end your search.

Gift codes are the free codes that the developers disclose to the players on regular intervals or on a special occasion. You can redeem these gift codes and reap the rewards from each gift code. This article will help you in learning the gift codes in Awaken 3Q and how to redeem them.

Working Gift Codes in Awaken 3Q

a3q gift codes
Picture Credits – Android IOS Cabogame

There are 3 codes that are available for you to use. The gift codes of Awaken 3Q and their rewards are mentioned below.

  • Awaken3q: This code will give you Advanced EXP booster (3x), Gold (x20,000), Hero Sword (x10).
  • Newbie: Redeem this code to get Gem (x100), Hero Sword (x10), Gold (x20,000).
  • Levelreward: Claim these rewards Grade 3 EXP Raccoon Card (x2), Enhancer of All (Superior)(x3), Gold (x25,000).

You can use these gift codes while they are working. Also, keep an eye on the new codes when they arrive because these codes may not work when the new ones arrive. It is important that you enter the exact codes that are mentioned or else you won’t get the rewards.

How to Redeem the Gift Codes?

In order to use the codes, you have to visit the website When you click on this link, it will redirect you to a website where you have to log into the portal with your game account. Post logging in, you have to select your Hero. Once you have selected your hero, you will see a dialogue box pop up on your screen. You have to enter the gift codes one by one accurately.

Now that you have entered the codes, click on Use tab below the text box. Then return to the game and click on the Summoner Store at the bottom center of your device. As soon as you’re in the store, you will see the rewards lined up for you to collect.

These are the gift codes in Awaken 3Q and how to redeem them. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Now that you’re here, you can check out Age of Guardians gift codes and Awaken your Elves gift codes.