Worst Guns In Free Fire That You Shouldn’t Use In 2022?

Here is a list of the top 5 worst guns in Free Fire and all the reasons why you should not choose them.

The Free fire is the first battle royale mobile game in India which encouraged the developers of PUBG and COD to launch their mobile version. Before start playing any game, it’s always better to know about all the best and worst weapons in it. This article will tell you about all the worst guns in the Free Fire and the reason behind it.

Every Free Fire weapon belongs to different categories. And there is a time to use a particular weapon in a particular situation. You cannot use the same weapon throughout the game.

All Worst Free Fire Guns List – November 2021

Here are all the worst weapons you should be aware of before start playing the Free Fire.

Scar- Free fire

SCAR is the worst gun when it comes to choosing guns in Garena Free Fire. It has an average range and it falls under the lowest damage category. Also, it’s an unstable gun that cannot work well without proper attachments. It is most suitable for short to mid-range shooting. You can’t use SCAR alone, you will need a secondary weapon bcoz of its poor range.

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MP40- Free fire

MP40 is one worst Free Fire guns. The only considerable use of this gun is its high rate of fire. But it is useless when we see the number of magazines. It has only 20 magazines. Its low range makes it one of the worst guns of Free fire. You can make this gun useable with some attachments but why waste time doing that when you have other options in the game.


VSS- Free fire

The VSS is the most difficult gun to use because it’s not equitable. It has a high firing range, its damage can be compared to the ARs and SMGs. It’s highly unsuitable for long-range as well as short-range shooting. VSS comes with a low magazine count that makes it the worst weapon available in the Free Fire.


M60 in Free fire

M60 is an assault rifle with great accuracy. The demerit of choosing this gun is that except magazine there is nothing more which we can attach to it to improve its performance. Because of its accuracy, it works as the worst gun for short-range in Free Fire.


Spas12 free fire

SPAS12 is a shotgun in Free Fire. What makes the SPAS12 worst gun is its margin error, which occurs due to the pump-action weapon system. There is a chance you will lose the battle if you select this gun and lose one shot toward your target.

That’s all about the worst guns in Free Fire. Want to know about how to tedeem codes for Free Fire, check this article out.