Free Fire Redeem Code Today (13 April, 2021) India, Bangladesh, Brazil & Indonesia Server

Here's a complete list of Free Fire redeem codes for all servers.

Free Free Redeem Code For Today April 13, 2021: There are millions of people across the world player Free Fire on a daily basis and most of them know the importance of having active and working redeem codes.

With that in mind, we have enlisted all the latest, new, and working Free Fire redeem codes that can be redeemed on April 13, 2021, in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Brazil servers. For the universe, there are a total of nine servers available in Free Fire, and Garena releases separate codes for each server.

While you are here, you must be looking for new FF redeem codes. If that’s the case then don’t worry, like always, we would not disappoint you today. In this post, we will break down everything about Free Fire, including its latest redeem codes, redemption site, and how to get free rewards.

What Is Free Fire Redeem Code?

Free Fire redeem code is a secret code that consists of 12 characters including both alphabet and numbers. Similar to other video games, FF redeem codes are released by the developer of the game and they are only available for a limited period of time.

With the help of active and new FF redeem codes, players can get unique skins, cosmetics, Gold, and Diamonds at no cost.

What Is Free Fire Redemption Site And How To Redeem Codes?

Free Fire redemption site is a platform where players redeem all the latest redeem codes and claim rewards. If you have active FF redeem codes and don’t know how to redeem these codes then don’t worry, here are few simple steps that you will need to follow.

  • Visit the official FF redemption site. 
  • Login to the site via Facebook. Google, Twitter, and another account.
  • Enter the code that you want to redeem and click on the Redeem button.
  • If the code is valid, you will get rewards.

Free Fire Redeem Codes For Today (13 April) – India Server

The following Free Fire redeem codes can only be redeemed on the Indian server. People playing the game on other servers would not be able to use these codes.

  • FFIC65E269TQ

Free Fire Redeem Codes For Today (13 April) – Indonesia Server

  • FF7MUY4ME6SC: Redeem this code and get Paleolithic Bundle

As we have mentioned above, each FF server has its own unique redeem codes, this Free Fire redeem code can only be used on the Indonesia server. If a player playing FF in Nepal, Bangladesh, India or Brazil, he or she will get a message that says “Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in this region.”

Free Fire Redeem Codes For Today (13 April 2021) Brazil Server 

The following Free Fire codes are redeemed on the Brazils Server today. Since these codes will only be available for a limited period of time, make sure to redeem the following codes as quickly as possible.

  • 5UNZ5A94DCTZ
  • 5G9GCY97UUD
  • 7ZG488RUDDWV
  • FF65HAZ8KG8H
  • SARG886AV5GR
  • S7EA7G2UCW94
  • LL7VDMX363YK

Free Fire Redeem Codes For Today (13 April 2021) Singapore Server 

The Following FF redeem codes can be used on the Singapore server.

  • FF65HAZ8KG8H
  • SARG886AV5GR
  • S7EA7G2UCW94
  • LL7VDMX363YK

That’s everything you need to know about Free Fire redeem codes for today.