Free Fire: Best M1887 Skins Ranked (November 2022)

Here are all the best skins for M1887 in Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire has become the best and most popular battle royale game with all its new features, weapons, skins, and constant events and updates. It has plenty of weapons that players can get and show off during battles with amazing skins.

As we all know that M1887 is one of the best shotguns in Free Fire and is trending nowadays, many players are looking for the best skins to accompany it. Skins have to be selected carefully as it directly affects the performance of your weapon in the game. In this article, we will talk about the best skins for M1887 that you can pick!

In this article, we have ranked all the best skins for M1887 in Free Fire. Go through the description below and understand all the pros and cons of every skin before you go on spending precious diamonds that you have earned!

Free Fire M1887 Skins

Here is our complete list of all the best M1887 skins ranked from best to worst. Though there are plenty of options available in the game, we find these skins reliable and affordable for a maximum audience. Check out the list and pick the best one or in case you think there are better options than these then do let us know in the comment section below!

1. One Punch Man

M1887 Skins Ranked

This M1887 skin is based on a popular anime character One Punch Man known to kill all his enemies with one punch. The skin is painted in hot red color with yellow-colored flames flashing in the front.  It has good reload speed, damage and is pretty popular among all the Free Fire players and is used by many of them for all the perks it has to offer.

2. Rapper Underworld

M1887 Skins Ranked

Rapper Underworld is a tricky skin as it depends from player to player and their skills. It has a good rate of fire and reload speed but lacks accuracy yet for medium-ranged combat. The skin is very fascinating with print on it. It is painted in a flashing pink and purple combination and is one of the most popular skins in Free Fire.

3. Winterlands

M1887 Skins Ranked

Winterlands is one of the coolest skins that you can have for M1887. This is the best choice if you are playing in Snow Map in Free Fire. It has good range and movement speed but lacks a bit in reload speed. This can be obtained from the spin by spending minimal diamonds.

4. Solaris Burst

M1887 Skins Ranked

Solaris Burst is one of the oldest, most reliable, and affordable skin that you can use for M1887 in Free Fire. It looks pretty classic with the combination of Yellow-colored flames on the black-colored gun skin. Though it lacks movement speed, it comes with great accuracy and a good rate of fire.

5. Terrano Burst

M1887 Skins Ranked

Terrano Burst is the best skin for M1887 to get accurate headshots. The skin isn’t that colorful but its mat back color is very catchy to attract all the players. The skin has a great reload speed that can help you get maximum kills in no time. Equip your M1887 with Terrano Burst to win all the matches in Free Fire.

6. Hand of Hope

M1887 Skins Ranked

This is the newest addition to the skins in Free fire and has received much love in a very short span. It is designed uniquely in green color. It is also provided with a great reload speed and deals enough damage. Get this skin for your favorite M1887 shotgun in Free Fire to knock all your enemies down in all the matches.

7. Tropical Parrot

M1887 Skins Ranked

If you are looking for a skin with average damage, rate of fire, and accuracy then Tropica Parrot can be the best pick for you. It is one of the oldest yet most famous skins used by maximum Free Fire. You can get this at an affordable price and apply it on M1887 to get the best out of it.

Here we come to the end of our best M1887 skins in Free Fire. In case you don’t know how to get these skins, then click on the link and check out our article on how to get M1887 gun skins in Garena Free Fire.