Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 League Day 6: All Questions & Answers

Here are all answers to today's FFBC 2021 Ultimate Challenge League Day 6.

If there is any Quiz millions of people are currently talking about, it is Free Fire Bangladesh Championship (FFBC) 2021 Spring Ultimate Challenge. For the unversed, it is nothing but a competition where fans are asked to answer three questions pertaining to the ongoing League.

Today is the fifth day of FFBC 2021 and players will have to answer three questions, related to what happened on the 4th day of League. If a player answers today’s FFBC Ultimate Challenge correctly, he or she will be given a token for each right answer that they can redeem once the event is concluded.

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Since millions of people are curious to know the right answers to today’s (March 15)’s Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021, we have come up with all answers that might help them get enough tokens.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at today’s questions and answers:

FFBC 2021 Ultimate Challenge Day 6 Questions & Answers

Before we unleash today’s correct answers to FFBC 2021 Ultimate Challenge, let me tell you that we try our best to provide only the right answers. If you are wondering whether the answers we have provided here are 100% correct or not, you can go to our previous articles or YouTube Channel and check out the results.

1. Which team got the most kills in League Day 6?


2. Which team scored the most points in League Day 6?


3. Which player drew first blood in Round 1 of League Day 7?


I hope this post helped you to solve today’s Free Fire Bangladesh Ultimate Challenge TRIVIA. If you want to get answers to Free Fire Daily Trivia before anyone else, stay tuned to Games Adda.