BGMI Unban Guide: How To Unban Your Account In 2022?

Here are all the possible reasons for the ban on your BGMI account.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) — which was developed by Krafton — has become so famous after the ban of PUBG in India. But there is a chance that your account may get banned if you try to ruin the game’s spirit. But you can unban it using the tips mentioned below in this article.

BGMI has become one of the most played games in India. But there are players who are using unfair means while playing games which might make the developer ban you from all the games owned by them.

Why does Krafton ban your BGMI account?

how to unban BGMI account

Everybody is aware of BGMI’s fame in India. There are players trying to cheat the developer by using aimbots (a device that will help you with perfect headshots), a wallhack (this feature allows the player to see beyond the wall), there are many such bots and things using which people try to cheat the developer of BGMI.

But Krafton is keeping track of all these illegal movements very carefully. Hence when found they ban the user from all the video games developed by them. If you are caught while cheating or you haven’t cheated yet but your account is banned follow the below-mentioned steps and unban your BGMI account.

List of reasons that can get your BGMI account banned:

1) Cheating for more than one time in crew sport.

2) Use of unauthorized channels to top up UC.

3) Login in from an unauthorized 3rd party app.

4) Using any Aimbot or walls to hack the game.

5) Gang up against your team member.

Cheating in any sense is not a good practice. It’s better to not violate the regulation and get banned and later search for ways to unban your BGMI account. So for all the honest players whose accounts have been banned here is a guide for you.

How to send unban account request in BGMI?

Whether you have cheated or not if you want to unban your BGMI account you will have to appeal to a customer service group of BGMI and unban the BGMI.

Here is a stepwise guide to send an appeal to the authorities to unban your BGMI account :

  • Open your app and find a box appearing on the screen saying “Your account will be banned for violating regulations”.
  • Click on “File Claims” and open ‘Terms Of Use’ to see what’s the reason behind your ban.
  • Understand your reason for the ban and then you can send an email to the developers.
  • To send an email with your proper justification, tell them they might have banned the wrong ID and how you are not guilty.
  • Make sure you mention your BGMI login ID and account name.

The team at Krafton will go through your appeal and check their software and then decide whether they should unban your account or not.

If you aren’t interested to unban the same ID then you just can try and create your new ID or BGMI account. It’s better than waiting for a reply from the other end. But this time do not try to hack or cheat in BGMI or other games. This was a guide on how you can unban BGMI on your device. Want to know how you can reach the developer of BGMI then quickly check out this article.