Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Krafton Changes UC Prices

UC is the in-game currency of BGMI, recently it's prices were changed. Here's the new UC prices and refund structure for Battlegrounds Mobile

BGMI is almost here as several of us already have early access. With hours into the game, players have already started buying in-game items using UC. UC is the in-game currency of Battleground mobile India (BGMI) which can be used to buy all the various weapons and skins in the game. Hours ago Krafton announced that they will be changing the UC prices. Let’s dig deeper and know about the new UC prices and why did they change them.

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UC Prices Changed In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

On 18th June Krafton announced on their official Instagram handle they will be revising the UC prices. Earlier 60 UC would cost you 89rs which has now been reduced to 75rs. A pack of 6000 UC would cost you 8900rs but will now cost you 7500rs.

BGMI early access was made available to select streamers on 17th June and on 18th June early access was open for all. Within hours of early access, Krafton received many requests regarding the UC prices. Players said that UC is a bit overpriced and the developers took action on it within hours. The new prices are now applicable in the game.

Krafton also said that players who have already purchased UC’s will get extra UC’s added to their account on a priority basis. This came after many users pointed out how the prices were high when compared to the global version of PUBG.

The action wasn’t expected but given that the game is in early access it won’t be much hassle for Krafton as well. UC prices is a very important aspect of the game as it can’t be gained through in-game activities. UC can only be purchased using real money. The new UC prices will surely encourage players to buy some to get those fancy weapons and skins.

Now that you know about the changed UC prices, do check out our article to know how to purchase UC in BGMI.