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How to Get BGMI Streamer Snax’s Mythic Voice Pack?

Get yours today for 400 UC or wait for the giveaway.

Snax Gaming’s BGMI fans are definitely about to have a great week with the Mythic Voice Pack finally being released with the festival of Holi in the same week. Since the basic voice pack’s release in the last week, Snax has been teasing us with the release of his mythic voice pack. And now, we finally get to play as the Zeher Burst on the actual field!

On his stream this morning, Snax gave 10 lucky winners his mythic voice pack FOR FREE as he showed off the fun Hindi dialogues that you can use in the game. If you missed it then here is your guide on how to get the same pack (unfortunately not for free) today!

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How to Get Snax Mythic Voice Pack in BGMI?

BGMI Streamer Snax’s Mythic Voice Pack

To avail of this time-limited pack, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Crates.
  2. Click on the Holi Lucky Crate.
  3. Test out the special voice pack and see if it is to your liking.
  4. Make sure that you can afford to purchase the crate at least 7 times.
  5. Try your luck at getting the voice pack in a special crate.

You may have to retry a couple of times but for a true fan, it’s definitely worth the price. When you finally get the voice pack, you will find it in your inventory under ‘voices’. Now you can use the true Zeher Burst’s voice and dialogues as you shoot your opponents and claim your righteous victory.

If the cost of the crate is too much to spend on right now, then we suggest waiting for BGMI to come out with one of its own special giveaways on Instagram. Or, if your luck is just that bad, you can always wait till the pack comes to the game store and buy it for a (hopefully) lesser price. Till then, you can always use Snax’s basic pack to assert your dominance on the field as you annihilate the rest. While you wait, however, you can go ahead and read this article on How to Get BGMI Streamer Snax’s Voice Pack?