BGMI New X Suit (2022): First Look And Release Date

BGMI players are looking forward to the new Avalanche Glacier X suit

BGMI keeps its players hooked with new content including skins at regular intervals. Now, BGMI seems to be getting in the spirit of winters with a brand new X-suit that will be released soon. The new royale pass reportedly includes an Avalanche Glacier X suit, Emotes, Skins, etc.

Previously, the game had introduced the Poseidon X suit through the ‘Return of Poseidon’ event which was a big hit with the players. Now, BGMI players are looking forward to the new Avalanche Glacier X suit. Let us look at what the new BGMI M6 Royale pass is bringing to the plate. Here’s the first look and the release date for the new BGMI New Avalanche X suit.

BGMI New X Suit

BGMI is bringing a lot of rewards alongside the new X-suit with its BGMI M6 Royale pass. Apart from the X-suit, the Royale pass will also include the Frost Graze Crowbar and the Crystal Casket Backpack. In addition, players will also have the chance to get the Crystal Reindeer Ornament, Arctic Ruler Cover, and the Artic Ruler Set. There are also signs that the pass will include a female character outfit.

The X suit is going to be available for all six stars. Players can upgrade it as much as they want to spend on it. The X suits have become quite the fan-favorite due to their flashy looks, cool graphics, and intriguing backstories. Players looking to get a head start on getting the Avalanche X suit will want to know when the suit will be released. Read on below to find out the release date for the New X suit.

Release Date For BGMI Avalanche X Suit

Name Avalanche X Suit
Release Date 24th December 2021
End Date 31st January 2021
Available In PUBG/BGMI

Now, that players know when the New Avalanche X suit is releasing, they would want a first look at it. Below is the first look at the new X suit being released soon.

Avalanche X Suit: First Look

Below is the first look at the X suit shared through Twitter.

BGMI New X Suit

That is all there is to know about the new BGMI suit at the moment. However, our readers can still learn a lot of new tips and tricks with our BGMI Guides while they wait for the release.