FAMAS In BGMI: Best Locations, Attachments And Tips & Tricks To Use

From all possible locations, best attachments to tips and tricks, here's everything you need to know about FAMAS in BGMI.

FAMAS is one of the most sought-after Assault Rifles (AR) in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). What makes this AR the fastest rifle in BGMI is it uses 5.56 mm ammunition. There are tons of players who have been having a hard time obtaining FAMAS in BGMI and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

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This post will walk you through everything about FAMAS including what it is, its possible locations, and tips and tricks to use it in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:


As we have already mentioned above, FAMAS is an exclusive weapon in BGMI, which can only be found on a map called, Livik. There is no denying that BGMI has a plethora of guns or Assault Rifles to select but FAMAS is regarded as the best and fastest one.

Before we show you all the possible locations of FAMAS in BGMI, let me tell you that this is a Livik exclusive gun. Yes, it can’t be found in other maps such as Erangle. Before you directly jump to the classic mode of Livik, I advise you to use it in the training ground of TDM mode.

FAMAS Locations – Where To Find It On Livik Map?

There are multiple locations on the Livik map where you can find FAMAS. Making your work easier, we have compiled a list of all locations where you can get FAMAS in BGMI.

Here are all locations to find FAMAS in BGMI:

1. Blomster

FAMAS in BGMI Locations

If you have been playing BGMI on Livik map for a few days or months, you must be aware of Blomster. For the unversed, it is a location where you can get a lot of in-game items including FAMAS. Notably, FAMAS is not the only AR that you will get in Blomster. The other AR rifles that you will get in Blomster are — M416, SCAR-L, AKM, Beryl M762, and M249.

2. Midstein

FAMAS in BGMI Locations

The second best place to get your hands on FAMAS in BGMI is Midstein. The reason why we have mentioned Midstein here is it has a very good spawn rate of FAMAS. What all you need to do is be quick to find FAMAS because there are multiple teams landing on this map at the same time.

There could be many places where you can get FAMAS in BGMI but these are two places where you will find this AR rifle for sure.

Best Attachments For FAMAS in BMGI

Since FAMAS has very high recoil, it is a bit difficult to control it without attachments. With that in mind, we have come up with a bunch of attachments that could increase its accuracy and stability when they are used properly.

Here are all the best attachments that you should use with FAMAS in BGMI:

1. Sight/Scope

The first and foremost thing that every BGMI player should know is that FAMAS is an AR, which is only used in close-range combat. While using this AR in BGMI, make sure to use only short-range scope.

Here are the best scopes to use with FAMAS in BGMI:

  • Red Dot
  • Canted Sight + 2x Scope
  • 2x Scope

2. Magazine

Unlike other ARs available in BGMI, FAMAS can’t hold a large number of bullets in its default magazine. If you want to use this AR in BGMI, I advise you to pick up additional magazines.

Here are the best magazines that you can use with FAMAS:

  • Quickdraw Mag
  • Extended Mag

3. Muzzle

If the best Muzzle is selected, you will be able to handle FAMAS in BGMI perfectly. The reason why I urge you to select the best Muzzle for FAMAS is it keeps the barrel stable and reduces the bullet spread while firing bullets with hip fire.

Here are all the best Muzzles to use with FAMAS:

  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider
  • Compensator

Tips & Tricks To Use FAMAS in BGMI

There is no denying that FAMAS is one of the best and fastest ARs in BGMI but using it perfectly requires a bit of knowledge. With that in mind, we have come up with a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you use this AR accurately.

Here are all tips to use FAMAS in BGMI accurately:

1. Use FAMAS Without Attachments

If you have not used FAMAS in BGMI yet, now is the time to start. Before you use this AR in the Classic Mode, I advise you to use it without any attachment in the TDM mode. Once you are done playing a few matches without attachments, use a random attachment before equipping the above-mentioned attachments. Doing this will help master this AR in BGMI.

2. Master ADS With Red Dot

As we have mentioned earlier, FAMAS is the best close-range weapon, and using hip-fire mode in this AR could be the wrong choice for you. That’s the reason why I highly recommend mastering ADS with a red dot to kill enemies in no time.

That’s everything you need to know about FAMAS in BGMI.