BGMI Low MB Download Guide: How To Download & Play It On Low-End Phones

Here's a quick guide explaining how to download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India on low-end phones.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is undeniably one of the most popular Mobile games in India right now. The devs had recently announced that they have completed a milestone of having more than 50 Million downloads on Google Play Store. The game might have been downloaded by over 50 million users in India but there are still tons of fans who want to download BGMI in low MB such as 20 MB, 50 MB and 100 MB.

The reason why fans often search for BGMI low MB download on the internet is either they don’t have high-end smartphones or Battlegrounds Mobile India is not compatible with their phone. There are dozens of Mobile companies who have launched plenty of budget gaming phones but buying a new gaming phone is not feasible for all.

Those who don’t have a high-end smartphone to play BGMI with their friends often search for either BGMI Lite APK or BGMI low MB download file. In our previous guide, we have already mentioned a bunch of reasons why Krafton might not launch the Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you don’t know what these reasons are then click on the link.

There are plenty of websites or YouTube videos available on the internet that claim to have APK file of BGMI Lite but let me tell you that all APK files are 100% Fake2.

Those who don’t know what low version of BGMI is called Lite often search for low MB download file and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Can We Download BGMI In Low MB?

Yes, fans across the country can easily download love version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. As we have already mentioned Krafton does not seem to release BGMI Lite version at any time soon. The reason why Krafton is not taking any interest to launch BGMI’s Lite version is they have dedicated a resource pack for low-end devices, which fans can select once the game is downloaded.

Those who have l0w-end phones (3GB RAM or 4GB ROM) must select low-spec resource pack (379 MB). When you select this resource pack, you will be to play Battlegrounds Mobile India smoothly on your low-end phones. For the unversed, the size of resource pack for high-end phones is 618 MB.

There are chances that Krafton would not launch BGMI Lite version because they have already added an Arena Mode, which mimics the exact gameplay of the Lite version.

If you want to download low version of BGMI, make sure to select the low-spec resource pack and play the game in Arena Mode. If you are having any trouble playing BGMI on low-end devices, do let us know about your issues in the comment section below.