How To Add Friends In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

Battlegrounds mobile is almost here and the wait has been long since PUBG left. Here's how to add or invite friends in Battlegrounds Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is so close and some of us are already playing it through early access. The first thing players did was try to invite their friends for a game. The battle royale genre is meant to be played with friends so that wasn’t a surprise. Let’s see how to add friends in Battleground Mobile India.

How To Add Friends In BattleGround Mobile India (BGMI)

Add friends
As of now only a handful of players have access to the game, but still, the first question they have is how they can invite their friends for a game.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to invite friends in BGMI:

  • After you open the game login using your Facebook account
  • Click on a tab below your profile on the top left of your screen.
  • Here you will be able to see all your Facebook friends
  • If you log in using your old PUBG Id, you can carry over all the progress.
  • In case you have previous progress you will also see the people you added as friends in PUBG
  • Next to the name, you’ll see the “+” button, press it and your friend will get a game invite
  • You will also be able to see the status of friends if they are idle or not and invite them accordingly

Only a few people have early access so it’s obvious you won’t be able to invite anyone else apart from them, at least for some time. Once the game is open to the public you will be able to invite through the same steps. Another thing players should know is that early access is only available for android users.

Twitter has been raging with memes on iOS players being left out so you won’t be able to invite them as well. All these issues are only temporary as Battlegrounds Mobile India is supposed to release tomorrow.

Now that you know how to invite friends in BGMI, do check out our article to know more about the launch date of BGMI.