Top 7 Best Watchepisodes Alternatives (November 2021)

Users could watch movies and series online for free on Watchepisodes. Here are the best Watchepisodes substitues to watch movies & shows for free

Watchepisodes was one of the best and smoothest sites to watch movies and shows online for free. The site would also add new movies and shows just hours after their release and had a huge roster for the audience. Recently Watchepisodes was taken down and the search for its alternatives arises. Here are some of the best Watchepisodes alternatives.

Top 7 Websites Similar To Watchepisodes – November 2021

Share TV

Share TV is the go-to site if you are looking for a wide variety of anime. Among the sites in the list, very few have anime, and Share TV is one of them. The unique sidebar and search option adds to the very smooth interface of Share TV. The only downside here is the site has a bunch of ads.


While the interface of MoviesJoy is very similar to the interface of Watchepisodes this one has something more for users. MoviesJoy has a wider variety of tv shows when compared to any other website. MoviesJoy has a mobile app as well which makes it very easy to use.


While the others on the list might not be Crackle is a hundred percent legal and free movie streaming platform. Crackle is owned by Sony, so you will find many of your favorite old Sony movies and a few Crackle originals. To sustain itself Crackle has ads just like youtube, but not so much so that it would tick users off. Users won’t need to sign up and provide any information, just go to the website and start watching.

TV Muse

TV Muse is just like any other free movie site, so do expect a bunch of ads. Apart from video ads, there are some annoying pop-ups as well. The site has a huge roster of movies and shows which makes going through the ads worth it.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV was already popular and now that Watchepisodes is gone its popularity has shot up. The USP of Tubi TV is how quick it is to add new movies and shows and how efficient and smooth the streaming process is.


What makes Sidereel stand out in the list is its social aspect and how users can drop in reviews. This elevates the experience as lets you choose good shows. Apart from the huge line-up of shows and movies users also get multiple filters that let you discover new movies and shows as well. To use some of these features users might have to sign up as which might tick off some users.


Vudu has almost all the good USPs of all the above-mentioned sites. From a huge line-up of movies and shows and filters allowing users to bifurcate and explore new content, Vudu has it all. Vudu has a very impressive and smooth interface as well and is available worldwide so you won’t have to use VPN. There are free Android and iOS apps of Vudu as well for mobile users.

These were all the alternatives of Watchepisodes users can use to watch movies and shows online for free.

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