How To Download Tamil Dubbed Movies From In 2022? is the latest movie downloading site. Let's see how to download movies and shows from Trdub and learn about it's features.

With so many movie sites being taken down, finding a working site to download Tamil dubbed movies and shows is like looking for a needle in haystack. is the latest website which you can use to download specifically Tamil movies but also movies and shows of other languages. Let’s dig deeper and find out more about and how to downloads movies from it.

What Is is a new torrent website through which users can download not only the latest Tamil movies but also Tamil dubbed movies and other language movies as well.

The site is new which is why not many people know about it. This is also probably why the website is still active. Given that Tamil movies are a niche category not many illegal sites have that movie which is why is so popular.

How To Download Tamil Dubbed Movies From

The process is just like downloading from any other illegal website. Just go to the website and you will see a search bar on the top left. Enter the movie name or you can also find all the new movies on the home page of Users will need uTorrent to open the magnet file and download the movie.

Features Of

The USP of Trdub is how quickly the website uploads new Tamil and Tamil dub movies. If the movie is released on a streaming site it would be uploaded in high quality within hours of release.

In case the movie is a theatrical a print of the movie will be uploaded but the print might or might not be HD. Trdub has a huge collection of movies with all of them segregated in categories making it very easy to identify and choose.


Downloading movies, shows or any other content from illegal sites is a punishable offence as per the Indian Penal code. We would recommend users to watch shows and movies from the original distributor or OTT platform.

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