Is Netflix Resident Evil Canon With The Games (2022)

Here's what the showrunner Andrew Dabb said about the show and it's continuity

Netflix Resident Evil is now streaming on Netflix and it has brought a myriad of question with it. However, the most asked question is whether the Netflix show is canon with the Resident Evil games. With the show’s recent episodes, we finally have an answer to those questions.

The Resident Evil adaptations have always been a mixed bag. While the Mila Jovovich starrer movies were quite successful, they were criticized by the Resident Evil players. However, the 2021 reboot, which was much more faithful to the games, failed to win the audience over. Now, viewers are eager to see what the Netflix adaptation of the series will bring.

How Does The Netflix Show Resident Evil Fit Into The Canon Timeline?


In Episode 7 of Resident Evil, viewers learn that Albert Wesker is actually one of the several clones that the original Wesker from the games made of himself. This revelation has left a lot of fans reeling while others asking how the timeline for the show lines up.

This development is even more startling given the fact that fans were earlier led to believe that the iconic villain was gone for good. In fact, franchise producer Masachika Kawata told fans at SDCC after Resident Evil 5, “Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back, there’s no chance he’s coming back from that.”

However, in an interview with EW, showrunner Andrew Dabb stated, “The games are our backstory. Everything that happens in the games exists in this world.”

Moreover, Dabb further stated that, “I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say the explanation for why Wesker is the way that he is and how he is still alive go hand in hand.”

We are sure that fans would like a more detailed explanation but for now it seems that Netflix Show Resident Evil is canon and exists in the same timeline as the games. For more Entertainment content, check out Stranger Things: Why Is The Upside Down Stuck In 1983?