BitLife: How To Start A Riot And Escape Prison

Want to start a riot in BitLife and escape prison in the chaos?

Bitlife is a text life simulator game where players can become anything from a police officer to a criminal. If a life of crime is what players choose, there is a high chance that they will end up in prison sooner or later. For lighter sentences, it is best to wait out the duration. However, if players have been especially evil, they might get a life sentence. In such a case, players can cause a riot and try to escape the prison in BitLife.

This is an alternative method to escaping prison. Players can also attempt an outright escape. Their chances of success will also depend on the type of prison players have been assigned to (Minimum, Medium, or Maximum). Players looking to escape prison by creating a riot will find everything they need to know in the article below.

How To Start A Riot And Escape Prison In BitLife?


Escaping a prison is a risky business and it is never certain that players will be able to get away with it. However, players can take their chances and start a Prison Riot by going to the orange Prison icon and then selecting the Riot option from the list. Players will need to confirm that they want to start a riot once they click on the option.


After confirming the Riot, players will be thrown into a mini game. The objective of the game is to collect as many prisoners as possible without running into guards. There are 10 prisoners in total and as players collect more prisoners, the guards will become more aggressive. If players hit a wall or a guard before they collect the 10 prisoners, the riot will fail. However, even if players collect all the prisoners and complete the mini-game successfully, escape is not guaranteed.


After collecting all the guards, player will be thrown into a confrontation with the guards. If the prisoners win, the riot is successful and it increases the chances of a BitLife player escaping from prison. However, if the guards end up winning the riot will fail and players will get an extended sentence for inciting a riot. In addition, there is also a chance that the character might get hurt or even die during a riot.

If players don’t want to bother with a Riot, they can also make a Prison Escape attempt. Our article on How To Escape Every Prison In BitLife? can be helpful in this regard.