Best RGB Headphones To Buy In India (July 2023)

Want to buy the best RGB headphones in India? Check them out here.

You must have noticed that RGB lights have made their way through many accessories such as keyboards, mice, etc. Similarly, you get the sci-fi look of RGB lights in headphones too. If you’re looking for the best RGB headphones in India, this is the place to be. In this guide, we have compiled a few potential options in a list along with the budget for you to have a look at. All you have to do is simply go through the contents of the list to know more about the same.

List of Best RGB Headphones in India – July 2023

Here, you will find the list of the best RGB headphones in India. Glance through this guide to know the features offered to you in the said budget and pick one that suits you best.

  • pTron Studio Pixel
  • Fire-Boltt BGH1300
  • EKSA E7000 Fenrir
  • Redgear Cosmo 7

pTron Studio Pixel

PTron Studio Pixel

  • Battery – 400mAH
  • Playtime – Up to 40 hours
  • Design – Comfortable, Lightweight
  • Sound – Crisp sound with Rich Bass
  • Drivers – 40mm
  • Other Features – RGB Lights, Voice Assistant feature, in-built microphone, IPX4 Water-resistant
  • Price – Rs 3,999/-


  • The mic is adjustable up to 135 degrees.
  • It has an IPX4 rating of water resistance.


  • It doesn’t have a fast charging feature.
  • The build quality could be better.

Fire-Boltt BGH1300

FireBoltt RGB Headphones

  • Connectivity – Wired
  • Design – Ergonomic design with adjustable headband and soft cushions
  • Drivers – 50mm
  • Sound – Immersive Surround sound
  • Other Features – Adjustable microphone, RGB Lights, compatible with Gaming consoles too
  • Price – Rs 2,599/-


  • It has an immersive sound quality which is good for gamers.
  • It contains RGB Lights for the ambiance.


  • It is not wireless so you have to park yourself in a spot to use them.

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EKSA E7000 Fenrir

Eksa E7000 Fenrir RGB Headphones

  • Connectivity – Wired
  • Design – Ergonomic, Unique
  • Sound – Superior sound with deep bass
  • Drivers – 50mm
  • Other Features – LED lights, Rotating microphone, Cross-platform headset
  • Price – Rs 2,199/-


  • It has 50mm drivers which are great.
  • The microphone can be adjustable up to 120 degrees.


  • The build quality has room for improvement.

Redgear Cosmo 7

Redgear Cosmo 7

  • Connectivity – Wired
  • Design – Comfortable, Ergonomic
  • Sound – Immersive surround sound
  • Drivers – 50mm
  • Other Features – RGB Lights, Noise-cancelation, In-built microphone
  • Price – Rs 1,599/-


  • It contains a noise-cancelation feature for immersive sound.
  • It has an in-built microphone.


  • It may seem to be heavy.

These are some of the best RGB headphones in India. Glance through the list before buying your new headphones. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through other similar articles such as Best Bluetooth neckband under 3000 in India and Best Headphones under 2000.