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Best Construction Apps On Android For Contractors (November 2022)

Are you Confused between so many construction apps? Here's a list of the Top 5 Best Construction apps for android.

The App Store is flooded with so many construction apps. This makes it confusing for the user to choose the best construction app. On the bright side, there are some good applications with good features. But, some applications are just filled with ads and bugs. However, no one has the time to keep checking all the apps with the best service. There’s nothing to worry about, we’ve done all the research for you and made up a list of the Top 5 Best Construction Apps for you. Just check them out!

Best Construction Apps for Contractors (November 2022)

Here are all the construction apps which are very easy to use, and get the work done easily on the field.



Fieldwire has a ton of features that make professional life easier. This app manages the tasks, schedules dates, and even tracks the manpower working on the site. It has an HD plan viewer that works offline, you can also view whichever documents you want easily. However, there can be times when you may run into some occasional bugs. Overall, it’s one of the best free construction apps available for Android devices.



PlanGrid is also a free application available for Android users. This app also makes it easier to view and send documents, files, blueprints, and many more things. PlanGrid has also a feature, where you can create and send RFIs at the same time. Overall, this app is also very helpful and has pretty good features.



Procore also has many features, and it’s available for free on your Android devices. It is a cloud-based application where you can upload and store your files, and view them later offline whenever you want. Procore also has a camera feature, where you can incorporate photos without any hassle.



ClockShark is also a pretty good GPS Time Tracking construction app. This app can also keep track of many things, such as employee time, payroll, schedules, and many more things. Clockshark is also easy to use and is a pretty good app, which you can get for free on your Android devices.



Raken also has the same features required for managing the construction profession life. You can tracks of many things in a single device, without any hassle. Raken is also very easy to use and available for free on your Android devices.

These are the names of the Top 5 Best Construction Apps available for Android devices. Although, if you’re a working personnel and looking for a way to burst your stress, we’ve got you covered. Here are the Top 10 Games like Candy Crush, that you can play and try to burst your stress.